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Housewife gets raped by the repairman. He doesn't take it easy on her and fucks her as hard as possible. The poor woman will be traumatized for life.

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alexandria76 +130 points2765 days ago

I like how she actually tries to push him off thru the whole thing. One of the more realistic rape scenes out there. Reply Report

shawna127 +1 points1070 days ago

This escalated quickly,a minute fifty and her mouth was full. Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Reply Report
dis poop

dis poop +56 points2802 days ago

I wanna shoot this dude cause of his annoying ass 'uh' throughout the whole video, get the fuck out of here w/ that shit,. Reply Report
Captain Cockgobbler

Captain Cockgobbler -9 points1438 days ago

It's his rape, if he wants us to see his ass, it's his god given right ! Reply Report

sinTNgirl +33 points2275 days ago

i wish a big heavy man would rape me this way
i promise to fight hard
and cum harder!
Reply Report
Tn fatty

Tn fatty   0 points68 days ago

tennessee here, contact me older fat man that wants to rape you over and over Reply Report

Tattooie +2 points273 days ago

I’m in Tennessee to baby. I’m not a fat man but make up for that by licking your ass and pussy for hours then fuck your hard!! Reply Report

rottweiler +28 points2790 days ago

how is this sick????????? its porn in a rape scenario, this is fantasy for alot of normal people so fuck off Reply Report
ahh ahh aahh

ahh ahh aahh +24 points2656 days ago

ahha ahha ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhahh ahhhahh ahhh Reply Report
Forest Gump

Forest Gump   0 points29 days ago

ahh aahh - "Your momma sure wants you to go to college" Reply Report
Horny Babe

Horny Babe +22 points2512 days ago

I want to be forced to have sex, I love that, I think it's hot.. Reply Report

Ouch +13 points2517 days ago

Why didn't she just bite it lol? Reply Report

Tucker +12 points2433 days ago

I agree- her constant resistance makes the video more exciting. What is even more exciting is how he overcame her resistance by pinning her :23 and forcing his horny cuCUMber into her :54 and 5:25 ! Reply Report

wtf -7 points2351 days ago

what is up with the fucking numbers Reply Report

To WTF +6 points2252 days ago

They are the the times listed on the time counter listing the amount of time the video has progressed! Hello? Reply Report

wtf +10 points2500 days ago

Reply Report

pjisbored +10 points2011 days ago

I haven't been raped in so long. I miss it so much. Reply Report

cocklover +7 points2507 days ago

he can fantasy rape me anytime
Reply Report
Yes I\'m

Yes I\'m   0 points454 days ago

cocklover Reply Report
HoHoHo And A Ho!

HoHoHo And A Ho! +6 points2697 days ago

Wtf? Yall Bitches Comin and watching if yall dont like is Argghhhhsss Or whatev he doing.. I like this man's moans its sound like hes an animal O: I want him to fuck me like that girl I gotta better body than itch antiiways Huntii Reply Report

misty +6 points2694 days ago

Fuck me that hard Reply Report

theninja +6 points2621 days ago

very nice and quite realistic, Reply Report

fuckbitch +6 points2513 days ago

Love his noise..turn me on...good rspist...ohh Reply Report
Non-member Whore

Non-member Whore +5 points2510 days ago

This was hot, came so many times to this vid ;) Reply Report

leslie +5 points2452 days ago

This is my #1 fantasy. I can barely wait to meet the right kind of man open to making my fantasy come true but with some added anal as well. Reply Report

Dave +3 points413 days ago

yeah good sluts like you deserved to be raped, walk down the most dangerous streets in your local city every night wearing hot and minimal clothes and hope for the best Reply Report
Little girl

Little girl   0 points277 days ago

Dave would you ever do it to a teen ? Reply Report
get you

get you +12 points2296 days ago

I would help you out with that... just dont think your walking away without being impregnated Reply Report

KT +4 points2762 days ago

That guy's stupid fucking annoying "UH UH" throughout the entire video really turned me off. I won't be watching another porno with him in it! Reply Report

suuper +4 points2725 days ago

great f'n video Reply Report

lotalpervechick +4 points2480 days ago

Loved this one! Came so hard watching it....yummmm Reply Report

supernatural +4 points2112 days ago

his moans were awful. c'mon man, make it interesting to listen to at least. Reply Report

:') +3 points2772 days ago

I would PAY for him to fuck me n_n Reply Report
Fuck Me

Fuck Me +3 points2730 days ago

Reply Report

Alexandria76 +3 points2363 days ago

i thought i was gay the person 'sick bastards' dosent watch normal porn he watches gay porn like me Reply Report

Ummmmm +3 points1950 days ago

I like how she has her legs spread wiiiide open Reply Report

....... +3 points1556 days ago

i wanna get raped so bad. i wanna dress all slutty and lead guys on hope they lose there shit and rape me. Reply Report

WhyVshshxb +2 points452 days ago

Anyone else think he sounds like fucking chewbacca Reply Report

Reversecowgirl +2 points277 days ago

I want to be raped so badly, use any of my holes to milk your cock, just make it rough and spit in my face and tell me I’m only worth as much pleasure as I bring your cock Reply Report
Slut likes sex

Slut likes sex +1 points2746 days ago

His fucking sounds suck.. pound that pussy Reply Report

joyousonex +1 points2642 days ago

If I saw this correctly, she was wearing high heals but no panties!! LOL Reply Report
Kasey K

Kasey K +1 points2570 days ago

Handy that she wasn't wearing any underwear, saved a bit of time. Reply Report
Pain  Slut

Pain Slut +1 points2438 days ago

Add some beating in there and I would be so done for. Reply Report
phuck off

phuck off +1 points1582 days ago

I would of burnt him with the iron and tied him up and kept burning him mmmmmm feel that burn baby . ha ha ha . Reply Report

Nigger-guy +1 points417 days ago

He fuked the whole thing up with his uh, uh, uh. Reply Report

pogonophile138 +1 points935 days ago

Not digging his noises so much but the vid's hot anyway. Least he knows how to fuck Reply Report

pogonophile138   0 points935 days ago

Besides, she had no panties on... bet she was hoping for this to happen Reply Report

Cookie +1 points351 days ago

Omg stop saying uhhhh Reply Report

Lilyprincess +1 points564 days ago

We're all here to cum and leave so CHILL BTW I'm a feminist with rape fetish deal with it! Reply Report

Lilyprinppcess +1 points564 days ago

We're all here to cum and leave so CHILL BTW I'm a feminist with rape fetish deal with it! Reply Report

Hemiline101 +1 points312 days ago

Gosh i wish someone would just overpower me like that some day. Anytime its rough i cum so hard. And squirt alot lol. My dream fuck Reply Report

Therapistisjusttherapistwithoutaspace +1 points218 days ago

Y’all ever wonder what childhood trauma we went through that makes us like this? Like why, why do I want be raped lmao Reply Report
Brittany Hammis

Brittany Hammis +1 points349 days ago

This is my fantasy. My name is Brittany Anna Hammis. If you want to try this, contact me (602)-397-3524 Reply Report

Fantasier +1 points294 days ago

I’m 18. Is it bad that I sometimes fantasize about getting raped? Reply Report
Dumb bitch

Dumb bitch   0 points180 days ago

I do too Reply Report

Tattooie -1 points273 days ago

let’s roll play baby Reply Report

Fantasier -1 points293 days ago

302-463-2130 if any white guy wants to do this Reply Report

InsatiableLady +1 points267 days ago

I haven't cum that hard in a while. Mm Those moans. Sounded like a beast I squirted all over my bed. Reply Report

luvsithard   0 points1247 days ago

Love this video! totally one of my fantasies, but more then one guy and rougher. Reply Report

walker1984   0 points2785 days ago

nice Reply Report

gvjgcg   0 points2775 days ago

Iwant to know her name Reply Report

dat   0 points2412 days ago

your videos gave me so much pleasure but they don't play right they are very slow to load your website is very slow and the video plays short and load .short and load its really frustrating Reply Report

alkid   0 points2057 days ago

Who is this Reply Report

ugh   0 points1903 days ago

Oh no not the ahhh ahhh guy. He so so awful to listen to. Reply Report

Fappist   0 points1565 days ago

I tried not to laugh but the "uh" made this too fucking funny!!!!!!! Reply Report
Obama west

Obama west   0 points260 days ago

Men are op pls nerf in next update thanks Reply Report

babetoforcefuck   0 points1046 days ago

Need this so badly, little more pussy play and lots of tit sucking, make me ride your cock and be on top of me when fucking my pussy and I will be the happiest girl ever Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points881 days ago

see my vbideos Reply Report

brutalgt   0 points728 days ago

Hello excuse me, how do I download high definition on the mommyclub.ru website? I click on the download page in red but I was registered on another site FREE HD ACCESS. If anyone knows the solution thank you for telling me how to do it... Reply Report

Lilyprincess   0 points564 days ago

He has such a beautiful cock what a true beast I❤❤i never came so hard the missionary part is all I needed Reply Report
Dumb bitch

Dumb bitch   0 points180 days ago

Well ok then Reply Report

Whoreholes   0 points293 days ago

I would also be wearing no panties in hopes that I’d be fucked that hard. Only wish I could be beaten as well Reply Report

Masonite3   0 points339 days ago

Love that this dude is so into it he's almost preventing the camera guy from doing his job. Also, love how vocal he is. Reply Report
Poontang police

Poontang police   0 points337 days ago

That couldn’t get poontang the regular way Reply Report

Rape13   0 points292 days ago

Damn this is hot af Reply Report

........   0 points282 days ago

Y ISN"T HE ARRESTED (don't ask me how i got here) Reply Report

........   0 points282 days ago

dam i is weird af Reply Report

bestrapeporn   0 points258 days ago

Nice forced sex classic, but shearch "bestrapeporn" to find the best ! Reply Report

jblackwell1   0 points174 days ago

I wanna do that to my bitch Reply Report

RoachNigga   0 points132 days ago

Wtf, yall really sayin “she scared for life” bruh she over here ironing with big ass heels on a short skirt and don’t even have under where sis LMAO Reply Report
Reality check

Reality check   0 points134 days ago

Amazing how fuck wits have such a problem with fantasy rape which is massif with females yet these faggot guys cry about how it's sick yet they specifically search for rape videos umm okay Reply Report

Littlepussy   0 points126 days ago

This girl is so sweet and beautiful Reply Report

Rose   0 points126 days ago

His cock is a joke. I need to be raped by a real man. I need to be opened up and feel the stretch when you fuck just slide right in my cunt and fight to fit your cock all the way balls deep. Bare back me and I may be pregnant before you finish with me. Please tell me you’ll rape my cunt and fuck my ass. I need it to really hurt and I don’t know where else to turn to. Reply Report
Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan   0 points115 days ago

Rape is a basic human right. It should be legal. Reply Report

Abigael   0 points107 days ago

I’m horny, I want bigger down my throat. Reply Report

OverIt   0 points72 days ago

I had to watch with the sound off...I s2g he sounds like he stubbed his fucking toe everytime he thrusts, its so fucking gross Reply Report

yummy123456   0 points15 days ago

i want a man to force his cock so deep into my pussy that i cant walk. i want him to stick himself balls deep in my tight pink pussy Reply Report

_Queen_Sex_animal -1 points2681 days ago

I loved this and his sex noises. Reply Report

Ok -1 points2561 days ago

It keep freezing Reply Report

Gemsdiamond -1 points2434 days ago

I feel very sorry for the girl, but she lifted her legs and allowed deeper penetration and could have allowed the guy to do that for ages! Reply Report
Ugh really

Ugh really -1 points1667 days ago

I've never came or had sex Reply Report

Brian   0 points72 days ago

really I feel bad for you sweetheart Reply Report

freakygirl69 -1 points881 days ago

come view my videods Reply Report

freakygirl69 -1 points880 days ago

yikes Reply Report

Dabigfucker -1 points461 days ago

Ooooooh! Rape her! I love how she isn't wearing any bra or panties. She is such a fuckin hottie Reply Report

Rapelover92 -1 points114 days ago

I tell my man to rape me when ever he needs to cum inside my cunt even when I’m asleep he rapes me he enjoys every minute he will pin me down have his way shove it up my ass if I struggle will dump cum in me all the time he don’t care where we are what we are doing and good as us woman are designed for a Mans need so he has every right to rape us a lot of ladies should learn this Reply Report
Keep yo panties on lady\'s

Keep yo panties on lady\'s -2 points1539 days ago

What kind of tweedle Dee idiot girl lets a man she doesn't know into her house while she isn't wearing underwear?!!? Reply Report

Lilyprincess -1 points564 days ago

yo panties on lady\'s
Wtf this is just porn why r u taking it too seriously r u dumb
Reply Report

giber -2 points1099 days ago

Great video. Thats how to treat the little whore but she should have been beaten black and blue during the rape. just to teach her a lesson. Reply Report
rape love

rape love -2 points953 days ago

If you like this sort of thing, google "shit rapists say, image fap" to see my collection of real rape victims. Reply Report
Anti rape pro hard X

Anti rape pro hard X -5 points1647 days ago

This is more like hardcore porn than rape other than pushing my him off, which I wasn't into personally and if you were into that then maybe you should check into a mental institute or jail. Reply Report
Sick you make me want to throw up

Sick you make me want to throw up -6 points1696 days ago

Your sick people Reply Report

Badnate -11 points2526 days ago

Haha, faggots coming in here talking shit. Stay pressed fags! Reply Report
sick bastards

sick bastards -32 points2792 days ago

you sick cunts for watching this, rapists in the making you wankers are!! Reply Report

Lady +8 points1657 days ago

Ooooh yes. Totally. Because watching rape porn would make you a rapists. Video games don't make you violent, cooking shows don't make you master chefs, and rape porn doesn't make you a rapist, simple as that. Reply Report


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