Dog Fucks Girl

Big ass dog fucks hentai girl's brains out.

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nellymoolins +60 points1072 days ago

Lol fuck this cartoon shit, where are the real life videos? Reply Report
Walter werkmeister

Walter werkmeister   0 points69 days ago

nellymoolins i would love to have dp with a dog and girl can w3 be friends Reply Report
Clive Moodley

Clive Moodley +30 points2584 days ago

I stumbled by chance on this video. I was amazed how much the girl looks like me girlfriend, Taryn Govender. This video embarrassingly reminded me of what happened similarly 3 weeks ago. My girlfriend has a vicious dog as a family pet. She despises the dog because he always tries to attack her. Taryn is 24 years old and had th dog as a pup since 7 years. The dog has already bitten me twice. 3 weeks ago, I stayed the weekend at her home while her parents were on a ship cruize. I asked Taryn to dress up sexy in her office grey skirt and designer heels and a white blouse. We were having foreplay in her bedroom. Taryn lay on the carpet with her bum in the air while teasing me with glimpses of her panty under her skirt. Suddenly I saw her dog standing at the bedroom door, growling at me. Her dog attacked me and bit my hand. Taryn told me to remain still, just as she did. Suddenly I saw the dog mount Taryn and push his penis over her skirt against her bum area. I noticed the dogs penis get erect while he pushed it all over her skirt over bum area. I was astonished when Taryn's skirt lifted over her back and I saw her dog pushing his cock against her panty directly where her panty covered her vagina. I could see his penis making her panty wet where he thrusted his cock. Suddenly the dog started licking Taryn's panty by her vagina and then bit and tore off her panty. I was shocked. The dog started licked Taryn's naked puss and mounted her again and instantly grabbed and held his jaw on the back of her neck, so that she wouldn't move. I saw his cock get longer and very stiff. The dog pushed his cock directly inside Taryn's puss and started fcking her puss very hard and for at least 5 minutes by myy count. I thought he wouldn't stop. Suddenly I noticed the dog release his bite from Taryn's neck, and squeel while he appeared to cumm. He ran off afterwards. The dogs sperm poured for a while from Taryn's puss. I was most surprised when Taryn told me that she also came while the dog fcked her. She told me that she had sex with her dog many times and loves it. Reply Report
Big mocker

Big mocker   0 points236 days ago

Moodley Reply Report

JessYuri +4 points730 days ago

Male dogs have a knot that gets stuck inside the vagina to contain all the semen Reply Report

SteveDD +4 points609 days ago

wrong reason. the knot is to keep the dog from pulling out too soon. When it remains in, it keeps pumping semen for a while, and the knot therefore prevents the semen from being wasted.

Next time the lesson will be on the Semenal Plug.
Reply Report

Leet +6 points1314 days ago

Lol. You really expect people to belive that? Nice try bud. Reply Report

Wow +12 points2190 days ago

Sorry to say but this sounds like just a good bit of creative righting Reply Report

SteveDD +1 points609 days ago

And dogs don't secure the female with a neck bite. That is for cats.
Reply Report

Writing +14 points1293 days ago

Righting is an interesting word Reply Report

Wronging +4 points468 days ago

I think a little bit of creative wronging is in order
Reply Report

horny +29 points2438 days ago

I love it when i wear short skirts and my dog licks deep inside my pussy and asshole. I let him mount me all the time, and dog cum tastes delicous ;) Reply Report

Blkdudevan   0 points356 days ago

horny hate when people assume only movie actress fuxk. dog my xjerkdogoff with me eating her shitturns me on eating puckered white fitness asshole her jerkin dog she love watchin black.male eat her happens folk she a famous Instagram modelweird weird w Reply Report

sissy +11 points2058 days ago

wanna suck his cum out of your pussy and we suck him together Reply Report
little slut

little slut +18 points2250 days ago

My b/f thinks it's my cum he's licking from my pussy, lol. Reply Report
Walter werkmeister

Walter werkmeister   0 points69 days ago

slut hot as fuck Reply Report

No +13 points2600 days ago

I wish my dog fucked me Reply Report

Allison +11 points1320 days ago

I remember how I got raped by a dog. I was doing yard work naked because I was at my vacation cabin, and my neighbors dog mounted me. I kinda liked it. Reply Report

Toad +10 points2420 days ago

Awesome. If this turns you on look up Stray-X. Attractive woman loving dogs cock. Takes 7 one after the other Reply Report

Anons +3 points313 days ago

Toad how do you find it I can’t find that video Reply Report

Anons   0 points313 days ago

Toad how do you find it I can’t find that video Reply Report

Nikki98 +3 points736 days ago

Toad I've seen it. StrayX is my idol, wish I'd be like her or at least had a sister or mom like her so that she'd introduce me to this in my teenage years <3 Reply Report

Dave8649 +3 points736 days ago

Toad Thanks mate, I'd marry a girl who loves this Reply Report

pauluzzz +3 points830 days ago

Toad pls upload to Reply Report
random perv

random perv +8 points2660 days ago

just purely for shits and giggles does anyone have a translation of what she says at the start? Reply Report
Master Bater

Master Bater +8 points1981 days ago

My friend's daughter made me cum by forceing one to squirt in her mouth. Reply Report
dog sex

dog sex +7 points1919 days ago

I ask this for myself, I am male Reply Report

Balto +7 points1532 days ago

if I could ever date or even marry a girl it would be one that is into bestiality. that kind of girl turns me on all the time. Reply Report

Bigdickhoy69 +2 points276 days ago

same dude Reply Report

Bigdickhoy69 +2 points276 days ago

Reply Report

SlutForTheBeast +11 points963 days ago

I think I would really love to get fucked by a dog. Then again I get so horny that I would let anyone, everyone, and everything fuck my virgin cunt. I would want to be fucked by many different things at the same time. Also don't think I would mind getting fucked in public. I don't think it's just because I turned 18 in November of 2016. I would love to try getting gang banged by a ton of strangers and other things. I would like to try getting fucked extremely roughly. Reply Report

Wallstreetslut   0 points234 days ago

OMG me too I think about it every night Reply Report

necrobender911 +1 points675 days ago

lol im a dude and i feel the same turning 19 tho
Reply Report

ashleygreene +7 points1284 days ago

I wish I could find a dog to fuck too Reply Report

Non-Member +6 points2568 days ago

i am not gay, but i have been wanting to get fucked by a dog and to fuck one Reply Report

bruhrly +3 points256 days ago

are you srsly adding that you're not gay to this comment? bruh... Reply Report

HotPussy +6 points1069 days ago

Fuckk this is why i need a dog
I'm such a horny slut
Reply Report

SteveDD +2 points609 days ago

Can I watch?
Reply Report

SexDollJulia +6 points1228 days ago

I would love to let a dog fuck me some guys watch and jack off, I'd even suck their cocks if they wanted me to. Reply Report
Walter werkmeister

Walter werkmeister   0 points69 days ago

i would love to watch dp join in Reply Report
Dirty cunt

Dirty cunt +5 points1926 days ago

I love to spread something tasty on my cunt and ass and let my little dog luck it all out , mmmm makes me horny as fuck Reply Report

thetoungeofgold. +4 points1485 days ago

lol i could spread my tounge on ya so well in fact i'd have you climbing up the walls backwords trying to escape. a dog is no match for a man who loves eating snatch.=) Reply Report
Sora Hanazawa

Sora Hanazawa +4 points2136 days ago

Verry logical with the wine bottle part Reply Report

ggcccvbb +3 points1051 days ago

Dfvv vgff Reply Report

luczoolove +3 points1790 days ago

love it so its so normal ,sex between humans and animals !!!! Reply Report

KnotSlutTX +3 points668 days ago

Ugh I'm tired of trying to find good beastiality vids I want the real thing Reply Report

animovoyeur +2 points303 days ago

me too Reply Report

gcfcvb +3 points1051 days ago

Ggfccc Reply Report

BeastLover +3 points1292 days ago

Is it just me or is the sound ahead of the animation? Reply Report
JAP translator

JAP translator +3 points1123 days ago

What she says at the begining is roughly translated to " I get it, I get it, this is good enough right, seriously your perverted (she says an adjective not sure) is this really what you want, don't rush your so impatient like really wait. Well what ever I do you won't change your mind(can't understand the rest)
Reply Report
JAP translator

JAP translator +3 points1123 days ago

After what I translated she says something like " fine i'll feed you, but first lets see i know" (she gives a command) then says " what are you waiting for, your such a idiot, what?" Then after "its your fault or your the one who wanted (something) your really (adjective) Reply Report

Nikki98 +3 points736 days ago

Every girls dream but most girls would not admit it. Reply Report

luckextreme +3 points700 days ago

I love beastiality is one of my favorite,only watching!!! Reply Report

Confuzzled +2 points2438 days ago

What does she say? Reply Report

justinsr +2 points455 days ago

my service dog fucked my wife before Reply Report

Salm +2 points1065 days ago

Haai Reply Report

CriticizerOfPorn +2 points617 days ago

The fuckin graphics look like they were thrown into a windows xp the in a dumpster tumbling down 5 flights of stairs in one go. Reply Report

female +1 points1323 days ago


GhostRider +1 points357 days ago

Pahahaha! all of these "females" commenting and not one of them is real... just a bunch of sad guys and their fantasies!!! Reply Report

832-540-4115 +1 points161 days ago

Weird but hot Reply Report

Anonymous777   0 points400 days ago

bruh Reply Report

Ihavea13inchdick   0 points831 days ago

I can't cum to this shit... Reply Report

SteveDD   0 points609 days ago

Good, that means you're not a perv.
Reply Report

  0 points428 days ago

Élőben is jó ! Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points753 days ago

Not into the cartoon vids Reply Report

slutfinder   0 points694 days ago

Boring Reply Report

Unknown   0 points236 days ago

I don't know if o should fill bad for you or fill sorry for you that. Your place a lover is being taken over by a dog Reply Report

alo   0 points488 days ago

Reply Report

12737263   0 points307 days ago

Now this is quality animation teen titans go take notes Reply Report

Dilan   0 points251 days ago

Since when did dogs do this? Reply Report

iwin08   0 points250 days ago

hi Reply Report

16babygirl   0 points77 days ago

My dogs used to lick my pussy and I loved it, I could cum 11 tines in a row in only a few minutes, didn't even need to bribe them they'd just lick and lick ass and tits and clit all up until I'd cum over and over Reply Report

fuckitya   0 points22 days ago

Dude Dogs Cant Fuck Humans And Licking There under area!!!!! Reply Report
Science geek

Science geek -1 points2118 days ago

You cannot shove an entire wine bottle into a womans pussy the vaginal canal is not long enough and if you push it into her womb that might tear an important organ and kill the woman or just send her to the hospital for several weeks so I am sorry but that part is highly illogical and not true Reply Report

Kitty   0 points102 days ago

geek Yes because it's the wine bottle part that's a bit weird. Reply Report
Wine connoisseur

Wine connoisseur +1 points1476 days ago

Yes you fucking can dude. If you can get two arms, or a life sized fake horse cock plus some, you can get a wine bottle in there. Reply Report

Anon +5 points2063 days ago

this is just an animation, since when do they need to follow logic? Reply Report
lol u gay

lol u gay -1 points1759 days ago

I'm sorry which part is wrong the fact that its a cartoon or that they censored it Reply Report

0w0 -1 points701 days ago

This is the worst Reply Report
One king

One king -1 points666 days ago

Yeah we’re is the real life sex Reply Report

Simple20 -1 points566 days ago

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I want to become a memeber. I love this site so much. :D Reply Report

astriditaly -3 points2700 days ago

love real practice Reply Report

hjmuyhrtgty -5 points2738 days ago

I can't believe they pixelated a fucking cartoon. These people are sick. Reply Report
Food for thought

Food for thought +1 points2193 days ago

All pornography made in Japan must be censored, or it is illegal Reply Report

FurriesDontFuckDogs -5 points783 days ago

What the fuck I'm calling the police Reply Report

I\'vegivenup   0 points594 days ago

I know you've probably completely forgotten about this comment but your my fucking idol holy shit
Reply Report


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