Girl Tortured And Gang Raped By 50 Men

Group of business men paid good money for joining this rape orgy. Poor girl gets beaten up, tortured in many ways and forced to have sex with the most disgusting fat old men.

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Rocky The Cock

Rocky The Cock +329 points2793 days ago

50 Japanese men....Thats about 9 inches of dick, total Reply Report
Daddys slut

Daddys slut   0 points134 days ago

The Cock and that's still so much more than 50 of you would have in total Reply Report

freakygirl69 +1 points893 days ago

The Cock
Reply Report

stx +83 points2501 days ago

i wood pay $$$$ just to have the chance to kick the fuking shit out of these guys beat their faces right offf Reply Report

tims2000xx +2 points445 days ago

I fill the same way, It takes 50 MF to fuck one lady Damn!!! Reply Report
Jen Kim

Jen Kim   0 points43 days ago

tims2000xx There all fat, I wouldnt want to be fucked by them, and the fact that Im slim, I would like someone who is the same weight as me Reply Report

Bwl +2 points559 days ago

I would glady help you. These minimen (with no cocks or brain) should have the beating of their lives!!!
Reply Report

originalog +39 points869 days ago

says the cucky white knight looking up gang rape porn... Reply Report

LoL +38 points2793 days ago

The guy wearing the bra 17min... Reply Report

DOORMAN +34 points2793 days ago

That bathroom door is pretty strong! Getting pulled on, kicked, it's super strong! It looks weak but it's strong!! Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying +29 points2771 days ago

*It just so happens some people for various reasons enjoy rape. I have no shame in admitting that after being subjagated to rape at 16 I made the deed normal in my mind by allowing it to developed into a fetish, and the existance of these types of pornography are for the enjoyment of people like me. If you want to fight rape as a whole, join a group. Don't get on a porn site and bitch about it. (Kindle fail. Sorry) Reply Report
ban this its sad

ban this its sad +28 points2252 days ago

I would beat the fuck outa everyone of them theres no excuse Reply Report

originalog +3 points869 days ago

this its sad It's called a fantasy...You poor gullible idiot. Reply Report

asdf2424 +3 points681 days ago

originalog It's real dumbass. It was a company called "Bakky" that tricked actresses into thinking it's a regular porn. The owner and actors of the company went to jail for it. Reply Report
yeah no

yeah no   0 points735 days ago

originalog its real. its one of the bakky vids Reply Report

Sad +27 points2539 days ago

The poor girl looks so scared. (*n*) Reply Report
Ted Bundy fan

Ted Bundy fan +1 points86 days ago

Sad That's what makes it fun. She's not faking the pain and fear. Her REAL suffering gets me so hard! Reply Report
Ted Bundy fan

Ted Bundy fan   0 points86 days ago

Sad That's what makes it fun. She's not faking the pain and fear. Her REAL suffering gets me so hard! Reply Report

meh +25 points2785 days ago

Who 4=else felt bad afyer watching this? Reply Report
Big moor

Big moor +1 points438 days ago

meh this shit is real that girl is literally fighting them in the bathroom Reply Report

helena +23 points2776 days ago

i want fuck and brutal raped by 100 dicks Reply Report

shawna127 +8 points1059 days ago

So if 50 guys is 9 inches of dick, then 100 guys would be 18 inches of dick. I think helena got the better end of the stick Reply Report
Fred d man

Fred d man -5 points2236 days ago

Reply Report

hobo +18 points2792 days ago

Everyone here is non member you ass, Reply Report

Seriously? +18 points2601 days ago

What the fuck. This shit is wrong Reply Report
omg asians

omg asians +16 points2550 days ago

ok... so the fat guy had a hole in his belly and he was wearing undies on his head at the beggining... there was some stud with a black lace bra on... and a few of the guys were holding samuri swords... and there was about a minute total of banging. i think american pie turned me on more...
Reply Report
The Japanese Shizzz

The Japanese Shizzz +14 points2701 days ago

Okay peeps, this was like a train wreck that I couldnt stop watching, not because I was enjoying it, but because I kept looking for clues as to whether or not it was real....being my Japanese is weak and pretty much limited to the curse words I hear spew from my Japanese husband's mouth, I had to go ask him......and here is the shizzzzz....this form of porn is called Goukan Purei (simulated rape). As he translated this for me , I was even more sure that it was real. but he assures me this young lady signed up for this...although he notes that she most likely had no clue what she was getting into because in the bathroom scene she is pleading to the crew to help her and she is truly scared because they pretty much tell her to eat shit....but in the end, she wasn't plucked off the street, she agreed to be raped....on a last note, size is no issue with my man...stereotyping breeds ignorance....anyway, everyone calm down.. (: Reply Report
this shit real

this shit real +2 points167 days ago

Japanese Shizzz the leaders of the company went to jail for this stuff ya know, they tricked actresses into thinking it was regular porn then did thos shit Reply Report
Male hater

Male hater +11 points2480 days ago

So what if she's a prostitute!? they no need to torture her right -.- girls isnt a toy or sex slave.. guy who do this to girl aren't guy at all.. -.- i starting to think that guy who love their girl and well protect them are kinds of rare.. hais. Reply Report


Cool beans

Cool beans +10 points2461 days ago

Comment section = CoD fan base Reply Report

Censor +9 points2792 days ago

All Japanese porn has the genitalia censored. It's law there. Reply Report
Nympho Jenna

Nympho Jenna +6 points1196 days ago

I want to be fucked mercilessly and in all my holes by as many strangers as possible choking on all the cocks Reply Report

Fatmanwithfatcock   0 points1196 days ago

Uh yeah take it all down and choke while you lick my balls. I wanna see you get filled in all holes while you cock on me now stick you tongue out :p Reply Report
Nympho Jenna

Nympho Jenna +2 points1196 days ago

Mm yes I'll choke on your thick cock as it stuffs my throat and lick your balls. Reply Report

3thickdudes +1 points1196 days ago

Where you live we can stuff you! Reply Report
Nympho Jenna

Nympho Jenna +2 points1196 days ago

Wisconsin you? Reply Report

ankhu +1 points730 days ago

Jenna Wisconsin Reply Report

ankhu   0 points730 days ago

Jenna Reply Report

Cumhole +5 points2793 days ago

Oo yeah, fucking cum so much Reply Report
sex adik

sex adik +5 points2590 days ago

i like it only if its voluntary ,id like to fuck many women same time but if its rape then its wrong ,i not want and want to protect the girl ,but if its porn and she get paid with money and she like it and acting then ok ,some fantasy in real not nice but in fantasy is ok Reply Report

yikes +4 points2792 days ago

the ugliest motherfckers in town ... ugly fucs Reply Report
Randy R

Randy R   0 points116 days ago

yikes. Just joking..Probably why they have to kidnap and violate to get action. Lol Reply Report

wtf +4 points2764 days ago

The thing you gotta remember about the Japs is that they are totally fucked up sexually. This sort of stuff is just at the more extreme end of their spectrum. But most of it is staged. If that shit had been for real there are 50 men who would now be staring at long stretches inside, as there was no real effort to cover their faces. Despite some of the horrific scenes, it was all consensual. It's similar to the Japanese sharking videos and those that just happen to have conveniently placed cameras where girls are relieving themselves on waste ground or a parking lot. They mostly feature models who are paid to act out Japanese men's fantasies. Even many of the spycams in women's WC's feature staged stuff. Having said all that, the girl in this vid is a hell of an actress... Reply Report
sure thing

sure thing +4 points2664 days ago

This is from the "Uterus Distruction" series if anyone is interested.. its not real rape or anything like it - the movies are normally around an hour long and ends up with the guys forcing a large amount of alcohol down the girls throat until she passes out.. Found some of them on cheggit long ago.. difficult to find.. think there's around 7-8 movies with different girls,, but basic same setup.. the water "torture" gang "rape" and general humiliation and degrading of the girl.. (some of them also have a couple of women joining in the abuse of the girl - if curious.. ) Reply Report

Cold +4 points2539 days ago

Water looks cold. "Yamete" means stop. And she says sorry for something they are blaming her for. Reply Report

Taint +3 points2793 days ago

I call bullshit. If she was truly putting up a fight they would have scratch marks etc. Non Member fuck u, will you be my gf. Reply Report
You're Kidding Right?

You're Kidding Right? +3 points2771 days ago

Lighter. This means they put make up on her Ass to hide tan lines.

2. I don't think you'd have that easy of a time getting me to run up that many stairs naked.... like.... she pretty much walked with him. I think id be kicking and screaming the whole way. They'd have to carry me.

3. Dude like.... if I were being raped you wouldn't catch me sucking or riding a Dick unless there was a fucking gun to my head. Nah playa id bite that mother fucker clean off if you tried it and you'd be pushing that thing in doggy style Cuz id be trying to crawl away.

(P.S. I totally know how you feel Just Saying. Fucking kindles.)
Reply Report

jonny +3 points2750 days ago

I'll find you helena and fuck you 100 times Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points2736 days ago

good thing their faces are on camera because this female souldier would put them each in a horrific grave, bodies never found. This is disgusting. I'll show those guys torture for doing that to a woman they never even imagined Reply Report

tardy   0 points829 days ago

member haha sure you are, you cant even spell the word, fuckwit Reply Report
The one above me is retarded

The one above me is retarded   0 points1001 days ago

You do realize this a porno right? Reply Report
that guy ron

that guy ron +3 points2544 days ago

this video is beautiful i love it... Reply Report

geldart +3 points2338 days ago

what's with all the water? Reply Report
Jonny D

Jonny D +7 points2122 days ago

They started the ice bucket benefit. Reply Report

ue49er   0 points1516 days ago

LMFAO! Reply Report

Fakejakeshake +3 points1097 days ago

From Bakky visual, they made 16 of these, they conned the girls to sign contract they thought was legal, no.17 went badly wrong , reptured rectum from broken enam syringe ceo got 18 years with hard labour Reply Report

tharkipapa +3 points846 days ago

pee in her mouth make the whore drink it Reply Report

ENGLISH AJ -1 points644 days ago

Reply Report

fake +2 points2760 days ago

why is it censores this means it was run by a company or website and they censored it Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +2 points2626 days ago

I think this is the same girl I saw in a two part video elsewhere here where two guys made her shit in a bowl, gave her an enema, added the results to the bowl and then smeared it on her face and made her eat her own shit from the pieces in the bowl (they allowed her to choose her own peace). She's smiling at times during the first part--very cute, at the end her eyes are watering. She speaks perfect English--a great actress, can do comedy, drama whatever. Reply Report

jaredsparks +2 points1328 days ago

I like this. Reply Report

Sticky +2 points2142 days ago

would have loved to see her after there done. Reply Report
Jonny D

Jonny D +4 points2122 days ago

Guess she forgot her safe word. Reply Report

meh... +1 points2793 days ago

just regular porn. Why would they bother censoring it if it was legit? Reply Report

wtf +1 points2776 days ago

LOL Non-Member Rocky XD Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying +1 points2771 days ago

I'm just saying, Ive seen that girl in like 7 pornography and this is the second one that involves rape... So I'm finding it pretty hard to rally with you guys over how mistreated shes been when she keeps signing up for it. Shes just another fluzzy with a rape fantasy. Get over it. Furthermore every single one of you clicked on the video, watched it, THEN decided it was morally wrong? Are you kidding? That's called trolling my friends, anddespite your high horses it just makes you look like a dick who goes around googling taboo subjects and condemning them to make yourself feel better. It ple Reply Report
young prostitute

young prostitute +1 points1644 days ago

I do gangbangs, but not yet with so many guys. I am ready to have that done to me. Reply Report

girl +1 points2582 days ago

Wow, this pissed me off so much, this looked pretty damn real and those men didn't have to be like that, this is disgusting... Fuck those lunatic men, I have a rape fantasy but they take it too the next level , Reply Report

dafuq +1 points2577 days ago

well i lived in japan for a while and i never heard abt tht kinda stuff happening and japanese people r not really people who'd do tht kinda stuff, might have been done from a mafia or something like tht or just a porn clip but if tht would have been done from normal people thn thy'd have been screwed 4 live Reply Report

fuqda   0 points1416 days ago

You're right- Japanese people are not people who would do this, in general. Japanese porn is incredibly intense though, and there is more insane stuff than this from that blessed country! Reply Report
18 f

18 f +1 points2534 days ago

She's clearly a prostitute. I mean she has a really pretty face, but if she weren't signed up to some sort of business, (like picked off the street), she would've fought tooth and nail.
Instead she just gets a little tossed around.
I don't doubt Yakuza or a pretty involved company. As much as they probably hate it, the underlings have to watch the girl fuck the boss for an hour before they get any, no complaining whatsoever.

Although. Did I see one of the guys wearing a bra?
Reply Report

Tomcat   0 points2334 days ago

Yes you did Reply Report

Alan +1 points2433 days ago

this is sweet, my gurl likes it Reply Report

BadNate +1 points2417 days ago

Stay pressed, fags! You aren't going to beat up shit, you aren't going to take videos down! You are a waste of life and the world would be a better place if you didn't exist! Reply Report
Fat Fuck Frank

Fat Fuck Frank +1 points2320 days ago

Not sure what they paid her for this scene, but I am pretty sure what ever it was it wasn't enough. Reply Report

bob +1 points46 days ago

Lol just occurred to me, japanese porn is like watching people fuck in minecraft! hahahahaha Reply Report

BIGsmoke +1 points2128 days ago

These japs r fucked man stick to ur takeshis castle u cunts I got more fuck in my finger than all th cunts in they cocks
Reply Report
I hope they got caught

I hope they got caught +1 points2004 days ago

This is totally not what she signed up for i hope they went to jail for a long time.
Reply Report

robertasue +1 points1904 days ago

I always love being with large groups of guys for fucking. And still do. Reply Report

dollylolita +1 points1639 days ago

that was good, where can I find more like this? Reply Report

sarahtakesall2 +1 points1261 days ago

Yes please!!! Reply Report
you all are nasty

you all are nasty +1 points1475 days ago

this is fking stupied why would any one like this my heart stoped from seeing this that poor girl I would beat the shit out of all of them this is so disgusting what they did I hope they all get in prision for life and every one that liked it
Reply Report

abusemee +1 points1462 days ago

she's lucky i wish i could go through that !! Reply Report

Whatlol99 +1 points1456 days ago

Reply Report

Xica +1 points1027 days ago

I wish that was me Reply Report

torishavelle +1 points837 days ago

am i the only guy into sick shit like me? Reply Report

Cumshot +1 points756 days ago

Japs.. so no more Reply Report

anna21 +1 points566 days ago

That fucking tub scene is an accident waiting to happen. I wonder how many girls they have accidentally killed this way... :( Reply Report

yeet   0 points167 days ago

you know this was real right? They're actually torturing her, it wouldnt be that accidental Reply Report

2lolo +1 points590 days ago

Are We Having Fun Yet.???? Reply Report

Buyer +1 points590 days ago

where does this video come form? I'd like to buy the full version. Reply Report
Fucked Hard

Fucked Hard +1 points570 days ago

Yeah this is pretty fucked up even for this genre Reply Report
nippon lover

nippon lover +1 points400 days ago

Japanese know how to discipline their women Reply Report

Ferd +1 points427 days ago

Gets my cock hard..fuck that bitch Reply Report

Lydens +1 points408 days ago

I want to be fucked hard like this, I live at 7624 visa creek ln, Wylie Texas, I want it hard Reply Report

Freak   0 points2781 days ago

If this is real I think it's fucken sad and sick Reply Report

Dayum   0 points2771 days ago

Shit. For as much as this bitch got paid they could fuckme too and twice on Sunday's. Reply Report
You're Kidding Right?

You're Kidding Right?   0 points2771 days ago

Dude.... I see 3 major errors here.

1. I don't know about you guys, but if somebody snatched me up off the street I definately would not look that good. Her pusys all trimmed and shut and shes wearing high grade make up made for cameras all over. You can tell because her legs from the knee down appear
Reply Report

Jane.   0 points2766 days ago

:( Boreing and it sucked its nasty
Reply Report

fake   0 points2760 days ago

again its fake she would of shouted in the camera look how soft they hit her if it was rape they would of beaten her badly Reply Report
fuk u

fuk u   0 points2751 days ago

what the fuck gays mans WORLD KILL YOU!!!! Reply Report

uhhh   0 points2724 days ago

yeah goodbye boner... that was disgusting.... Reply Report

rapebb   0 points2675 days ago

that was disgusting :) Reply Report

cockatoo   0 points2665 days ago

Damn where is the uncensored version?? I mean this is horrible who can get a boner from this... Its amazing they would rather throw water on her than grab her tits. Reply Report

Tucker   0 points2567 days ago

For a gang rape video, this is pretty bad! You can't even see the fucking up close with the blur, the good participating should be naked, even those who are have small cocks! If these guys are sooo horny to force sex on her- I would think they would have huge stiff pricks and being howling, smiling, laughing and cheering each guy as he violates her! Reply Report

Yummy   0 points2631 days ago

Nice undies Reply Report

Shaolin   0 points2631 days ago

This is fucked up on many levels Reply Report

Pia   0 points2616 days ago

It's voluntarily, why is it sick? Reply Report

Ariel   0 points2580 days ago

I from isreal please call your police its sick!!! Reply Report

hackawack   0 points1359 days ago

Rape? That's completely okay.
Uncensored genitals? Absolutely not!
Reply Report
Mr. Fromm

Mr. Fromm   0 points2453 days ago

And that's what happens when you live in a country where you are pushed beyond your limits, you work 24 hours a day to barely survive, where people drop dead at work because of exhaustion, where people kill themselves because of honor or shame, like that guy that killed himself because he was the train engineer that was late to work like 6 minutes and therefore made everyone in the city be 6 minutes late for work, he felt so much shame he commited suicide lol. A place where they censor genitals just to frustrate people even more, that's why their porn is so fucked up, it's their escape, no genitals? well we do other crazy shit to compensate. Too much bullshit from the world? let's do some fucking scat. Basically they break taboos and all the rules or society, or moral, with porn to feel a bit better. Reply Report

cypher   0 points2412 days ago

why site is ? name vidéo ?
Reply Report

manatee   0 points2075 days ago

HOW NOT TO TREAT A LADY/whats with all the fuckin water? Reply Report

dring   0 points260 days ago

Most of this was very enjoyable - let's hope the water was very cold; later, some cunt fuzzing detracted from the overall high quality of action. Reply Report

THE WHITE LOTUS   0 points1573 days ago

Fantasies and play acting are one thing, big strong cave man takum cave woman, but this is so fucking wrong the only desire created here is to hunt and kill these guys one at a time. and I am not so sure it is a fantasy, MOTHERFUCKERS NEED TO DIE.
Reply Report

Ghostinthestudio   0 points514 days ago

The only arousal I got from this was a desire to take a baseball bat to that fat mother fuckers head Reply Report

bob   0 points46 days ago

These pussies can't even drown that little slip of a girl! I used to do something similar to my wife, she would come home drunk from a night with her friends and I would force her head under water till she was a bit dazed then force her to drink like a gallon then shove my cock and fingers down her throat till she puked, rinse and repeat until she sobered up... Drunk ass bitch. I was trying to upload a video of it but site won't let me join! Reply Report

Dismayed   0 points1098 days ago

Have these dudes gone to prison yet ? Reply Report

davge107 +1 points1097 days ago

They are Bakky visual videos. The producer got 18 years in prison Reply Report

tharkipapa   0 points846 days ago

fuck her with a black cock Reply Report

sehnsucht   0 points819 days ago

its womans personal choice Reply Report
Black Daddy

Black Daddy   0 points454 days ago

I would love to beat the shit out of these men, and take her for my self. She will love my 9.3 inch black cock. She will spread her legs, and let me fuck her with joy. Reply Report

WalkingCondom   0 points677 days ago

Is there any decent rape porn on the internet... anywhere?? I have looked and looked and looked.... ugh. Reply Report

ENGLISH AJ   0 points644 days ago

Fukin parasites, would love to meet those bullies and beat the fuck out of those cocksuckers Reply Report
Slave processor

Slave processor   0 points638 days ago

Kidnap, fuck, hang. Reply Report
nippon lover

nippon lover   0 points400 days ago

whats with the fat old men, even 90s in wheelchairs deserve to watch this and get a bj Reply Report

RopeBunny   0 points571 days ago

Lol the guys wearing a feckin bra
Reply Report

Gangbang9000   0 points563 days ago

Vid won’t start Reply Report
I\'m a simple girl

I\'m a simple girl   0 points530 days ago

that was so terryfing to watch. I feel so sad for the girl, and I wish someone could fuck the shit out of those assholes Reply Report

Sexxxxx   0 points427 days ago

Why do they censor the best bit? The Reply Report

Hhebduebdjjdbrh   0 points427 days ago

This is mean Reply Report

guestuser513451234   0 points417 days ago

This shit is fucking awful, good thing the UK's banning this degeneracy Reply Report

shitfilledvagina   0 points410 days ago

Message me your dirtiest desires Reply Report
Big duck daddy

Big duck daddy   0 points86 days ago

shitfilledvagina Whats yo snsp Reply Report
Big duck daddy

Big duck daddy   0 points86 days ago

shitfilledvagina Whats yo snsp Reply Report
Oh yeah

Oh yeah   0 points369 days ago

Lmao the guy in the bra at the far corner in the end Reply Report

clomp   0 points307 days ago

Potentially a beautiful video but partially spoilt by stupid cunt fuzzing. Reply Report

verto   0 points302 days ago

The water needed to be very cold to be effective. General use of the girl fine, though fuzzing the genitals detracted, somewhat, from the overall beauty of the video. Reply Report

hohop   0 points265 days ago

Mostly enjoyable, but cunt fuzzing is ludicrous. Reply Report
Rape a cat

Rape a cat   0 points197 days ago

My turn? Reply Report

cus   0 points196 days ago

love to see her hurt more Reply Report

WildBill   0 points159 days ago

I would like to beat the shit out of that fat belly fuck and the skinny fuck is worthless and the fuck taking the video is a POS also. Reply Report
No One

No One   0 points43 days ago

We need to lower the age of consent so I can watch kids being treated like this. In fact we need to go away with any form of consent and just do what with what with women girls. Reply Report

Realman   0 points124 days ago

Hit Them all with one bullet - between the legs and then in the head ... fucking pigs! Reply Report
Legalise child rape

Legalise child rape   0 points101 days ago

I’ve been raping little whores for 2 years know at first it was over in minutes pin them down use them then leave. But my last victim I took my time with. For me the abuse before the rape is the best bit seeing the fear and hearing there cries is what gets me going. Got my eye on the junkie whore down the roads kid she will be my youngest at 7yo but I’m going to go as hard as I can with her. Hopefully damage the little whore mentally for the rest of her life. Reply Report
Big dick daddy

Big dick daddy   0 points86 days ago

Nasty hairy bitch Reply Report

MontanaMan   0 points62 days ago

Mary, Mary quite contrary, trim that pussy, it's too damn hairy! Reply Report

Missgoodstuff   0 points4 days ago

lucky girl to get fucked by all those horny men Reply Report

Wtf -1 points2793 days ago

OMG THIS VIDEO IS SHIT THOSE GUYS R BITCHES THEY DON'T TREAT lady's well so they just get 1 but not a good idea maybe they'll torture the lady they get
Just saying this video is bullshit I FUCKEN hate it
Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane -1 points2626 days ago

Dictation spelled the second "piece" wrong in my post just previous. Reply Report
No rape plz

No rape plz -1 points2595 days ago

The typical Japanese lifestyle Reply Report

jayd3 -1 points2527 days ago

dumb , STUPID Reply Report

PO'D -1 points2428 days ago

I could cap a round in every one of these P.O.S.'s and not lose a single minute's sleep! Reply Report

Alex -1 points2388 days ago

bah Reply Report

bomba -1 points2369 days ago

Assim como um e um sao dois todos eles morreram Reply Report

Water -1 points2358 days ago

Do the Japs love cleanliness or something? Reply Report
beyond death

beyond death -1 points1595 days ago

fat and disgusting men fuck yu Reply Report

robertasue -1 points1904 days ago

Is their any groups of guys in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa or the Waterloo, Iowa area that would like me for group sex for a week-end ? I sure would enjoy it all you horny guys ! Reply Report

Krs5s +1 points951 days ago

robertasue typical Iowa. Reply Report

Wtf -1 points1895 days ago

is up with the guy wearing a bra at 18:40 Reply Report

Fu -1 points1711 days ago

This is not rape this is almost murder . This water boarding is toucher like these chinks should known enough is enough whom tape this no eds to be jailed this is not kinky this abuse. Reply Report

tardy   0 points829 days ago

learn what waterboarding is and try again Reply Report

Ce -1 points1425 days ago

Woaw Reply Report

QTZ0069 -1 points1488 days ago

16:52 Do Jap dudes wear bras? Reply Report

??? -1 points1441 days ago

So I'm alowed to watch this
Reply Report
Marisa Fontes

Marisa Fontes -1 points1399 days ago

meu sonho!! Reply Report
bastard 6

bastard 6 -1 points670 days ago

brilliant that will teach to do whatever the guy with the bucket want Reply Report

Daria -1 points951 days ago

This video is so fucked up. Did you see the guy wearing a bra about 17 min in? Fucked. Also that one guy looked like his big belly had shark attack scars. So messed up. Reply Report

redblue76 -1 points873 days ago

not real, false advertisement. Reply Report

originalog -1 points869 days ago

Hilarious everyone who thinks this is

I bet you think strippers like you too.
Reply Report
it is real

it is real   0 points167 days ago

originalog the leaders of the company were arrested for this type of stuff, they tricked actresses into thinking it was normal porn Reply Report

Wellshite -1 points829 days ago

Just noticed the guy with the bra. Wtf? Reply Report

sehnsucht -1 points819 days ago

nothing special. and why you feel bad, you see it censored so its an actual porn not rape. Girls gets paid big money for this kind of porn in Japan Reply Report

likeigiveafuck -1 points676 days ago

she didn't want to go into that bath....maybe she is more of a shower person lol Reply Report
no one

no one -2 points2710 days ago

How come no one Japanese ever posts a comment on wehat really happens in apn..maybe it is real lol..where's the signed release on a posted web site if its' "fake". Not saying it's real...just intersting..Inever read a comment from anyone Japanese Reply Report

kote -2 points2688 days ago

too much sushi become damage brain, this is one example for us, i hate jap,do you know why? they talk too much because they got 1.5inches dick, and showing his power like this. Reply Report

Anonymous -2 points2561 days ago

Seems fake to me... all they did was throw water at her... Reply Report

indigowus -2 points2534 days ago

Yep Asian cocks are smaller than black or white cocks but don't you know that one third of a woman vagina's sensitive nerves lie not too deep? Even a small penis can satisfy her, that why Asian men can still satisfy their women. You're racist for talking about "Asian small dick" all the time. BTW I'm German. Reply Report

fucker -2 points2449 days ago

that bitch fucking deserved everything she got Reply Report
what had happened was

what had happened was -2 points2417 days ago

hahaha....fake..ill give them an A for effort Reply Report
Jonny D

Jonny D +2 points2122 days ago

but you have too admit it is the best ice bucket challenge ever! Reply Report
if you look closesly

if you look closesly -2 points1912 days ago

if you look closely, you can see 50 micro sized tic tac asian penis Reply Report
This is sad

This is sad -2 points1278 days ago

this is so sad, wth imagne if this was ur mum
Reply Report
Rape a cat

Rape a cat   0 points197 days ago

is sad My deserves something like this Reply Report
Evening star

Evening star -2 points1132 days ago

And to think these people tried to conquer the world once Reply Report

likeigiveafuck -2 points676 days ago

she didn't want to go into that bath....maybe she is more of a shower person lol Reply Report

headkiler -3 points2793 days ago

STUPID RAPERS!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
mr anon

mr anon -3 points2774 days ago

i hope this is not real Reply Report

parkle -3 points2707 days ago

somebody sub this!!!!! :D Reply Report

Ew -3 points2615 days ago

She's nasty, who fights to not get into the tub. Bitch clean yo stank self Reply Report
Are you dumb?

Are you dumb? +1 points2277 days ago

That was water torture dumbass Reply Report

squirrel -3 points2368 days ago

she deserved every second. Reply Report

leupgaru -3 points1997 days ago

the fucking torture there I those micro penises. I wonder what she had in her mind while these japs are so called fucking her ! Reply Report
No Shit Sherlock

No Shit Sherlock -3 points1150 days ago

This is staged folks. If it was rape, it would already be illegal, so bluring the genitals wouldn't be as necessary as hide their own faces.

Simple logic 101
Reply Report

davge107 +1 points1097 days ago

Bakky visual it's real producer got 18 years in jail. They tricked the girls Reply Report
fuck all

fuck all -4 points2793 days ago

u all are going to hell u cock lickers the devil is gonna choke u with his dick Reply Report

Yeah -4 points2778 days ago

How fucking terrible is this? They made her walk up all those stairs and then raped her. Shit man. Reply Report
Black hitler

Black hitler -6 points2221 days ago

Chinks make me sick Reply Report

LION TAMER -9 points2527 days ago

I found this sad and most horrific to think that men consider themselves human that do this.. I think that on Gods Green Earth even animals protect their mates and not allow them be abused.. Sadly this is not just happening in the Asian community but most all I sadly say. I am appalled to think that mankind has found this amusing to abuse another.. WOW.. HOW SAD! Humans are acting more disgusting than animals and nobody feels a thing.. Think if this girl were one of the 50 men there's sister or relative think things would have been differently..Maybe! But if it were one of them...would have been ugly fight if they would have tried to do that to any man.. But no they don't have the nerve to go at a equal but a lesser..Go figure! Losers can't buy pussy got to force it..!
Reply Report
fuck u

fuck u -10 points2793 days ago

noobs pedofiles get gf, i cant look at this porno 1st time. u have be died for that, girls isnt a toy what a noobs i wana kick ur heads pedofiles noob sissy guys Reply Report

winniethepooh -10 points2461 days ago

Loved it. I bet she is dead somewhere: either someone in the group did her off or she committed suicide shortly after the filming of this. By the way: is there footage of her death? Reply Report
Ted Bundy fan

Ted Bundy fan   0 points86 days ago

Let's hope so. Reply Report
Rape a cat

Rape a cat   0 points197 days ago

or as she walked home some one raped her till she died. Best way to die in my eyes Reply Report

fuckedup -13 points2757 days ago

they should of got a boiling lightbulb when they where done put it in her pussy and then booted it smashes hot glass inside her hahahahahahaah Reply Report

Hot -13 points2793 days ago

Came to this faster than when I raped my mom Reply Report


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