Dad Teaching Daughter How To Suck And Fuck

Don't worry, it's just his step daughter. When his wife isn't home, he always does nasty things to her.

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Sickboy +163 points2769 days ago

She doesn't seem to mind being used. If I had a (step) daughter like her, I would do her. Noone is harmed and everybody is having fun. Reply Report

Cotz -1 points1477 days ago

Riley Reid Reply Report

ck +53 points2682 days ago

my uncle would make me touch and suck on him. i hated it then but kinda like the thought of it now Reply Report

Fuckt   0 points494 days ago

LOL Reply Report

texas7783 -12 points1412 days ago

How old were you when it started Reply Report

dianna +40 points1728 days ago

that was good y wish i would have taped me sucking my dad growing up i started playing with his dick round 9 Reply Report

Jizzm +9 points1279 days ago

Fuck birth control she would have my babbies
Reply Report
Big Pun 007

Big Pun 007 +12 points1596 days ago

Did you ever get fucked by him? Reply Report

cris +37 points2130 days ago

I wish my dad would of used me like that when I was a very young virgin. Reply Report

hahah +34 points2768 days ago

i will do samething he did marry a girl who has teen daughter so i can fuck both sepratelly Reply Report

whorelover +32 points2728 days ago

now its time to teach that little whore anal. Reply Report

St +29 points2733 days ago

Lovely cunt I bet he has been fucking her since she was at least eight Reply Report

dadsbeenbad +27 points2640 days ago

When you train your daughter like this she will make someone very happy one day. Reply Report

shoc +21 points2724 days ago

sorry to kill every ones fantasy now,but this is not his daughter at all.This its actually a stripper from a club and all he is some Sugar Daddy who lets her use his house to smoke her rock and shit - thats no BS eather someone on another website who worked at the club she also did for some time knew this chic and all and proved it, I believe she is from kentucky and works at some white trash club. Anyways he has been posting vids with this chick and others for years now - years !!!. He also post gay vidoes of him meeting random dudes on craigs list in Hotel Rooms, etc. If you search around you will see this dude multiple times all over porn sites on the net. Reply Report

Drefuss +3 points629 days ago

God you've spoiled it for me now. I was convinced it was for real and she looked like she was under age as well which made it even hotter. Spoiler! Reply Report
Hot vid lover

Hot vid lover +3 points1292 days ago

Want to see more of his vids! How do I find more of his there a longer one of this or more vids of him and her together..also open to seeing his other to contact him? Reply Report

Yyyyyvbn -2 points200 days ago

vid lover try prison this girl was 15 and not a stripper it was his assistant he was a professor Reply Report

truthx +20 points1904 days ago

Good to see a dominant man manipulate this young girl into doing what he wants to her. ALL women are useless and deserve to be abused every way possible! Reply Report

vacumcock +19 points2683 days ago

very good daughter Reply Report

jonnny +17 points2768 days ago

holy fuk post more vids mate shes so fukin cute you r a lucky bugger!!! Reply Report

midnight5666 +17 points2546 days ago

We should teach young girls and mom teach there son's.
Reply Report

Kristy +17 points2265 days ago

She looked like her mind was not there like she was mentally retarded like she didn't know what to do if you heard her voice it sounded like she was slow and messed up i think this dude was molesting her for a long ass time no matter if he is the step dad or not and the slob was squirting cum on her pussy like it was a normal deal it was not fake this was a real video of him molesting her and she was to out of it to realize this her mind was not there if you can understand what i mean... Reply Report

daddy4girlz   0 points375 days ago

i want you Reply Report

Itwascrack +1 points651 days ago

Definitely drugs. Reply Report

Itwascrack +1 points651 days ago

Definitely drugs. Reply Report

gadget1949 +14 points2166 days ago

I agree... she does appear to be unstable in the mental department... good video but its a shame he has to fuck a girl who probably has no will to resist Reply Report
used and abused

used and abused +12 points2597 days ago

My daddy taught me and wasn't so nice about it. He kept getting me pregnant and saying it was my fault for letting him cum inside me. He got me pregnant three times before me and mom moved out. Reply Report

daddy4girlz   0 points375 days ago

and abused i want to be your daddy now. Reply Report
 and abused

and abused +6 points2193 days ago

and abused are you pissed or would you do it again? ? Reply Report

jr297 +11 points2352 days ago

As long as this stuff is fake I have no problems w role play Reply Report

Katiefuckhole +9 points605 days ago

My dad would bring his friends and take my clothes off
Turn the light on and spread me legs and they would all touch my vagina to get warmed up and then they would pick a hole and fuck
It ..hard and since I was so small
I was shaken violently in two to three directions and they would always coum in my face. I was taught that I was a fuckhole from a young age
Reply Report

Dadsmypimp   0 points105 days ago

my daddy did the same things to me, except his pervy friends would ruin all my holes and daddy would watch, I would cry, if I got too loud he would shave my little pony panties in my mouth til they were done destroying my tight pink baby girl holes, then daddy would touch and kiss and clean up the blood and cum from my baby fuckholes with his mouth, mmm daddy By Age 6 I craved all of them to eat, play, lick, stretch my baby fuckholes as much as I could stand it. I had such a good daddy, best teacher. I wanna reenact it now with 4 old men and a daddy. I love to be anyone's little tiny baby whore. I love old men raping me and I love being called a dirty bitch during. I love my bite marks scars. I love being nutted in over and over by dirty hairy fat old men. Im lucky to have such good training and the best memories with my dirty daddy. I'm ready and open now for them all after telling my training story. Thanks daddy and your perv friends for letting me be your child whore. Reply Report

kudave1986   0 points48 days ago

I have always fantasized about this but never done it. If anyone wants to role play or let me join I would love it. I am a decent looking guy 50yrs old, stable and live in Co. Send mail to google with kudave1986 Reply Report

fernandezmill +9 points2332 days ago

I wish I had a stepdad like that.... Reply Report

perv +8 points2466 days ago

nice girl

Reply Report

trina +8 points2522 days ago

lucky little slut Reply Report

daddy4girlz -1 points375 days ago

trina i want you Reply Report

Anonymous +7 points2771 days ago

meanwhile in america Reply Report

Sam +7 points2357 days ago

They are real dad daughter Reply Report
Satan 69

Satan 69   0 points215 days ago

Sam hell yes Reply Report
Always Daddy\'s girl

Always Daddy\'s girl +7 points646 days ago

Daddy started with me at 11. I was scared and hated it at first. But after a few times, I liked it. Now, years later, I still look for daddies, love it when they pretend I'm their little girl Reply Report

Tonysnow444   0 points142 days ago

Daddy\'s girl I'll be your daddy ANYTIME! Reply Report

redhead +5 points2075 days ago

i love how he pulls out to cum, pushes back in and the final shot goes on her leg Reply Report

Mmmm +5 points2132 days ago

Liked how she grabbed her daddy's cock and guided it into her pussy and her loud moaning would have made me squirt cum on her also. Reply Report

damn +4 points2660 days ago

Fucking red necks Reply Report
ready for sex

ready for sex +4 points2006 days ago

If you want me to fuck your daughterso Message me your numbers Reply Report

Dirtydad   0 points30 days ago

for sex I would love to see you with my daughters Reply Report

BigRed83 -1 points943 days ago

for sex How young? Reply Report

HornyLilBastard +4 points1225 days ago

That's Jim & Amber, his (step?) daughter, from the St Louis MO area. I've seen 35-40 videos of them covering over 10 yrs, ending in her early to mid 20s, by which time she has several tattoos, incl butterflies coming out of her pussy. There are, undoubtedly, dozens or hundreds more videos, plus hundreds or thousands of still pics online, though damned if I know where to find them all. Reply Report

Daddiesgirl +4 points683 days ago

I can remember my daddy touching me and making me touch him every since I can remember but I was 8 the first time he fucked me at first it hated it but after a few years I got used to it. Reply Report

Uncle +1 points424 days ago

Does he still fuck you Reply Report

Daddiesgirl +3 points386 days ago

for the past 5, every night since I was 8. Including last night. ;P Reply Report

Letshavefun   0 points522 days ago

Reply Report

Daddiesslave +3 points648 days ago

i was just a few months when mine started i was three the first time he fucked me and it stopped around eight years. Reply Report

gunner3665 +3 points2769 days ago

Family fun night: board games and blowjobs. Reply Report

Citizen +3 points2582 days ago

Good girl :)) Reply Report
Pissed b/f

Pissed b/f +3 points2035 days ago

Bet a taser in his sorry fucking ass would make him "leak" and "shake all over", also. Reply Report
Rilkey Reid

Rilkey Reid +3 points828 days ago

they are from the Kansas City area and her name is Amber
Reply Report

daddyswhorestacy +3 points801 days ago

The one thing this little whore need to learn is no hand while sucking Daddy.s cock and always swallow my cum. Claen my cock good after I fuck your whore cunt and Daddy will be fucking your beautiful little ass too. Reply Report

bigaussiecock -2 points800 days ago

Reply Report
Sugar daddy

Sugar daddy +2 points1229 days ago

Hope they keep it safe. My stepdaughter has the arm implant. Reply Report
rigid randy

rigid randy +2 points1743 days ago

Damn that's hot! Dirty daughter devouring daddy dick. It's clearly not her first time. She has a terrific teenage twat. I sure as hell would love to lick that cutie's pussy. He's a lucky dad and she's a hot little fuck. Reply Report

gzellek +2 points1472 days ago

i wish i was fucked like this when i was younger :( Reply Report

weird +2 points1070 days ago

my dad would make me suck him...I was a good girl Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad -2 points1054 days ago

When did he start making you suck him? Reply Report

Lala +2 points781 days ago

Am I the only one that Noticed, this girl has some kind of mental disability? Fuck whomever you’d like, but if they’re not old enough or if they don’t have a sound mind, then something is seriously wrong with you. Reply Report

interplay +2 points305 days ago

Nothing wrong with fucking young cunts, lines in the sand people. This 18+ thing is just arbitrary bullshit, if the woman has the body for it that's when she's ready. Reply Report

NoDaddyPleaseYES   0 points217 days ago

I agree come show me how daddy's love their sweet tight good little girls, I suck my lollipops well, until Daddy explodes forcing his hot cum down my throat as he runs his finger down my slut gfs sleeping all tha tightness you want as I help them love you Daddy. Reply Report
Daddy love

Daddy love +2 points222 days ago

I wanna do this to my daughter Reply Report

pyclone +1 points2170 days ago

Fuck god and the commandments I fuck who I want and whenever I want the commandments are just lies just to control you and dominate the world into order if I want to fuck my sister I will do so if she's willing its just natural we are all brothers and sisters no matter how different we look black white Hispanic Asian it just how god made us if u disagree will fuck you and stop letting the fake bible tell you lies Reply Report

incestuoso +1 points962 days ago

excellent mmmhhh Reply Report

daddyslittlespunshine +1 points276 days ago

I love sucking my Daddy's dick....only I dont get to unless I'm a really good girl all day Reply Report
Bi Spunk Eater

Bi Spunk Eater   0 points2771 days ago

Lucky Barstard !! Thats Fantastic, she Suck Cock like she has had a life time of it.
What a fantastic Lil Body and Pussy she has too. Pity more are not like her. 10/10
Lets hope he posts more Vids.
Reply Report
james bond

james bond   0 points2724 days ago

OMG you are a sick fuck. Reply Report

Chris   0 points2436 days ago

Thats what we do keep it in the family lol white girls are so slutty and this is why Reply Report

tjs1   0 points1641 days ago

good Reply Report
bob downe

bob downe   0 points887 days ago

I don't think he had to teach her much at all how to Suck 'n Fuck ? She did great. Reply Report

55Cat23   0 points803 days ago

Wow!! Thrusting faster then slowing down would have been brilliant!! Maybe practice on me??
Reply Report
old man

old man   0 points475 days ago

No hand sucking is the best Reply Report

Sid123   0 points418 days ago

A would love a step daughter like that sexy and not shy would love to come up her and give her a baby Reply Report

NoDaddyPleaseYES   0 points217 days ago

Who needs mommy when girls like me with tight pink cunts squeeze your dick like a glove... Daddy I need your pain, I dare you to make me cry from how big that dick is. Reply Report

Melissaqw   0 points167 days ago

I was very young when dad wanted me to do this. Reply Report

Anoncsslnlx   0 points76 days ago

I need to see more of this, where?? Reply Report

rose   0 points79 days ago

9259806205 hmu with cock pics so we can fuck im so horny Reply Report

Daddydaughtertime   0 points9 days ago

My daughter and I started 2 months ago when we we're both tipsy, although I think she was drunk. She kept groping my crotch and ended up on top. Reply Report

fbi -1 points2769 days ago

that guy is a sick fuck Reply Report
Alte sau

Alte sau -1 points732 days ago

die nymphomane fotze lässt sich vom jedem ficken Reply Report

Jersey -1 points217 days ago

Excellent video I wish I can be that guy in the video Reply Report
un known

un known -3 points2460 days ago

thats nasty that a father could do that to his own daughter and then come and stick it back in was trying to get pregnant that's nasty Reply Report
Satan 69

Satan 69   0 points215 days ago

known then don’t fucking watch!! Reply Report
Satan 69

Satan 69   0 points215 days ago

known then don’t fucking watch!! Reply Report
blah blah

blah blah -5 points2384 days ago

if this is as the description says, I hope this fucker gets what's coming to him. Reply Report
Satan 69

Satan 69 +1 points215 days ago

blah then don’t watch!!!jesus Reply Report
Satan 69

Satan 69 +1 points215 days ago

blah then don’t watch!!!jesus Reply Report

Prøst -6 points2771 days ago

thats what video should be called Reply Report

dam -6 points2767 days ago

Wat if her mom finds the video Reply Report
fuck the state

fuck the state -6 points2760 days ago

is she retarded ? or is it just him ? Reply Report
ghost b.c.

ghost b.c. -9 points2400 days ago

this girl is a child, the FBI wants this guy, sick old fucker Reply Report
johnny henriksen

johnny henriksen -10 points2723 days ago

lol she is not mentally disabled, its called crackwhore Reply Report

frankw265 -13 points1817 days ago

Bad view! Bad sound! Nice cock play! Nice cock sucking! Nice face fucking! Nice pussy eating! Lame pussy play! No rimming! No anal play! Lame tit play! No tit sucking! Timid pussy penetration! Rubbery erection! Bad edit! Nice cum shot! Weak. Reply Report

bigbetty -1 points1039 days ago

We need to exchange vids hun Reply Report

Toompie -14 points2769 days ago

This is awesome! I used to have sex with my mom too :) Reply Report

dis -28 points2768 days ago

sick bastard dont use mentally challenged people like that Reply Report


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