Robbers Rape Girl In Her Home

Actually they didn't come to steal anything, just to rape this innocent girl.

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notaguy +157 points2573 days ago

I'm a lady and rape fantasy porn turns me on.
It's strange that people don't seem to realize that women also watch porn.
Real rape and rape porn are completely different - one is sexy the other is just hateful. Why compare the two?
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Danny5647 -3 points169 days ago

wanna fuck Reply Report
Luxi Turna

Luxi Turna -3 points188 days ago

> Real rape and rape porn are completely different - one is sexy the other is just hateful. Real rape and rape porn are completely different - one is sexy and the other is lame and fake. You know its fake when:-- the girl smiles-- crying but no tears-- guy pulls out and cums on her stomach-- guy with a camera doesn't participate-- she never looks at the cameraThe only REAL sex is rape, like it was before language and law cut the balls off all the men. Reply Report
oof rape

oof rape +5 points588 days ago

Yah I agree Reply Report

Bigtittswet +21 points972 days ago

You and I both. It makes me so wet. I've wet dreams about being gang raped. Not for real. Just consensual role playing. Reply Report

Nixk +6 points1180 days ago

I understand
Reply Report

TJ +99 points2576 days ago

This fantasy is brought to you by Nike socks. They will keep your feet warm when you are on your back. Reply Report

Rebox -1 points264 days ago

TJ hahaha... I prefer rebox. Reply Report

K1994 +1 points328 days ago


nikekek +7 points697 days ago

TJ "Just Do It" Reply Report

Fgh +7 points1428 days ago

Best comment ever Reply Report

Memo +62 points2073 days ago

People, please don't rape in real life. Reply Report

Poooow   0 points2 days ago

Memo Fact please dont Reply Report

missym86 +53 points1209 days ago

Fuck I would love for this to happen to me. Reply Report

Inzest -12 points739 days ago

missym86 if you wanna be raped that's sooo sexy. I wanna fuck my mom's pussy so badly. Do you like incest? Reply Report

donzie226 +16 points1186 days ago

shouldn,t have any problem getting that to happen
Reply Report

missym86 +25 points1185 days ago

Wanna help lol ;p Reply Report

donzie226 -5 points997 days ago

well you bet I do. just tell me when and where PLEASE lol Reply Report

Innocentbutterfly +2 points299 days ago

donzie226 Right now and in Ohio ;) Reply Report

Leah +38 points2519 days ago

I did a little bit of rape fantasy porn in my day but none of it was every published because my producer said it looked too realistic to the actual thing and that people might protest against my videos or misconstue it. I took acting classes as a teenager so everything I did in my rape fantasy videos looked completly real and I talked to my friend dave who did the video with me before we shot it and I told him to really slap me, spit on me and fuck me hard and go hard at it. Go hard or go home right? lol And I did the same thing. Real tears, really loud screaming and acutal fighting back and my videos turned out amazing and looked so real, but sadly only me and a select few will ever see them :/ Reply Report

Rach445   0 points85 days ago

Leah please can i see?? Reply Report

tip2hip +1 points383 days ago

Leah Now you wrong for that Leah, why did you share that and not going to let me see it. Now I am thinking about it. So can I...please? Reply Report

rapeshouldbelegal -12 points2184 days ago

I would love to see them! I'll even make one with you, if you like bbw. Reply Report

Lauren +31 points2523 days ago

As a woman, rape fantasy is sexy as fuck. Got my husband to play along last week. Seems to cum harder when I scream "stop, please no!"
Lovely video :)
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rape me

rape me +25 points2122 days ago

I want my pussy fucked the rapist can cum & pee inside my pussy as much as he wants and wants me to have his babies Reply Report
fckr..lets meet.

fckr..lets meet.   0 points279 days ago

me Reply Report
fckr..lets meet.

fckr..lets meet.   0 points279 days ago

me Reply Report
fckr..lets meet.

fckr..lets meet.   0 points279 days ago

me Reply Report
fckr..lets meet.

fckr..lets meet.   0 points279 days ago

me Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +6 points1493 days ago

Same Reply Report

argghh +23 points2500 days ago

did u notice the warts on her pussy lips? i hope those guys were rushing to an std clinic when they left Reply Report
so fake, acting is shite

so fake, acting is shite +20 points1802 days ago

Shes fucking SMILING. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +19 points2377 days ago

the rape roles i do, i always wear a satin dress or satin skirt with pantie hose. it is much easier to rape me this way. Reply Report

Nonmember +18 points2267 days ago

Looks like these crooks took the one thing that insurance companies can't give back. Reply Report

dtrain +15 points2305 days ago

I love how the second guy blows his load in her pussy. Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +14 points2039 days ago

nice video made me cum it felt so good.. :) Reply Report

beautifulbitch -2 points780 days ago

lol wish I had a dick Reply Report
Hard Cock

Hard Cock +11 points2574 days ago

Did you notice at the 3 minute mark she began to sigh? she maybe crying but her body started to respond to the pounding. Its clear they opened her to sexual physical reaction. Rape is wrong but it has my cock hard watching. Reply Report

Be11e +4 points693 days ago

Cock even if its unwanted: women do orgasm when raped (if they hit the spot). Its impossible to stop. Even if she does a guy can still tell she wants to. Reply Report

. +11 points2244 days ago

i got so wet to the thought of being raped like this Reply Report

Legal +10 points1671 days ago

Did anyone else notice how those guys just got genital warts? Reply Report

alexxroxx +10 points1497 days ago

love this. having a guy rape me is my biggest fantasy. Reply Report

Hellers +9 points2522 days ago

I looks like she smiling in some parts:).... I think Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +9 points1178 days ago

mmm what a great surprise visit ;-) Reply Report

Melissa +8 points2450 days ago

Nike - Just do it. Reply Report

Emma +7 points2383 days ago

Can...can someone do that to me please?... :D Reply Report

andybird198928gmailcom +1 points1302 days ago

Tell me where you live n I'll come n rape you Reply Report

anonymous -4 points2297 days ago

i can baby.. Reply Report

wetandtight +7 points1863 days ago

I want to be raped like this. Mmmm... Reply Report

bbwfuckslut69 +7 points1225 days ago

Gets me so Horny! I don't care ifor it's right or not
Reply Report

zandy66 +6 points2529 days ago

What a great pair of tits, lovely pussy and a great fuck Reply Report

sexybabe +6 points2379 days ago

I love rape fantasy porn it makes me soooo wet this was a good video :) Reply Report

-_+ +5 points1841 days ago

Really people its not rape if you wanna be raped its called sex wtf go to sex ed sometimes Reply Report

kjh +5 points2392 days ago

I want to be raped. Reply Report

pervcan43 +5 points1951 days ago

If some woman in my area wants to be "raped" like this, contact me Reply Report

AO +5 points2013 days ago

The thought of this makes me so fucking wet... I want someone to rape my pussy just like this. Reply Report

fantasyman +3 points2006 days ago

The bad thing of this video is feel sorry for the guy I mean with that seriously does she feel it Reply Report

fantasyman -3 points2006 days ago

You confirm what I always said this is the way women what and ever more violent
Reply Report

babygirl41001 +5 points1173 days ago

I want to be raped so bad....but nobody wants to because it's "wrong" Reply Report

rapefsce +4 points2427 days ago

Ill never understand why most pf these rape fantasy's never have anal, why not kill two birds with one stone and humiliate her while you have some of the best sex ever. Reply Report

Pussymouth +11 points1388 days ago

Because ANAL is SHIT Reply Report

kittyrising +4 points1963 days ago

That made my pussy soaking wet! Reply Report
smart ass

smart ass +4 points1880 days ago

People its not rape if she likes this wishing to get raped is not going to happen unless you really dont like it by the way rape videos are fake because its illegal come the fuck on people get a fucking life -_+
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pjisbored +4 points1883 days ago

I'm in Western Maryland. I need this. Message me. Reply Report

JohnBoy -2 points1844 days ago

Where in western maryland? Im southern PA. Reply Report
Ohhh ya

Ohhh ya +4 points2002 days ago

Will somebody rape me and piss in my pussy Reply Report

BigBoy +4 points1797 days ago

in the charlotte nc area looking for a lady interested in making one of these videos promise i wont dissapoint.
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Ghf +4 points1370 days ago

Video sponsored by nike Reply Report
Hard Cock

Hard Cock +3 points2574 days ago

Its strange how guys will say how much they hate watching rape vids and still they end up in a place like this and watch Reply Report

SexBarbie +3 points2556 days ago

small ass dick but im really horny (; Reply Report

Gavin +3 points2440 days ago

My wife has a rape fantasy and using someone froma contact magazine we made a vido of her rape. Looks real and while don't share it with anyone, we would love to do another. The guy was really good and enjoyed it so much he stayed on for the night. Reply Report
this girl

this girl +3 points2238 days ago

has the nicest butt body Reply Report

gothcumslut +3 points1059 days ago

Fuck I wish that would happen to me!! But with more guys, at least 5! Reply Report

georgian15fo +3 points1453 days ago

Interested Reply Report

Skzombiechick +3 points655 days ago

This is why i leave my door unlocked. Honestly my neighbor came into my apartment once and thought i was sleeping. He fucked me so hard and came deep in me. I want to feel that again. Reply Report
Luxi Turna

Luxi Turna   0 points188 days ago

For a man, you sure don't tell lies very well. Reply Report

Peeonme +2 points2302 days ago

That's a sexy slut Reply Report
Hard Dick Rick

Hard Dick Rick +2 points2055 days ago

I love me some good rape porn Reply Report
Hi my name is stinkyhead

Hi my name is stinkyhead +2 points1434 days ago

They did steal something. Her virginity! Reply Report

Hardcockforraping +2 points803 days ago

That’s not how you rape a woman I can show you women how to be raped Reply Report

SubmissiveSlut413   0 points578 days ago

Oh, I'd love it if you would Reply Report

headlessrainbow +2 points527 days ago

Rape play can actually be really fun if you find a guy that won't wimp out. I'm like "Did you hear a safe word? THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STOP"
I'm a pretty dominant submissive sometimes.
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LkuSub69   0 points507 days ago

headlessrainbow Lets do it send me a picture Reply Report

LkuSub69   0 points507 days ago

headlessrainbow Reply Report

hornybabe416 +2 points103 days ago

i want this to happen to me, i would love to be raped by these men Reply Report

Joe +1 points2559 days ago

Who is the girl? Reply Report

ineedtogetfucked +1 points2434 days ago

I want someone to fuck me like this.. but if no one noticed her genital warts.... jokes on them. LOL Reply Report

badNate +1 points2440 days ago, turn off the comments. These fucking idiots here are just looking for attention when the porn should be getting it Reply Report

Hornywomen +1 points2404 days ago

I love rape fantasy, but it has to be good! She has to be fighting back at least that's how I want to do mine Reply Report

Sexy +1 points1593 days ago

They did steal something the girls innocence Reply Report

Fuckmeharderdaddy +1 points1574 days ago

Northern Ireland and always alone :P wanna rape me everyday? Reply Report
horny af

horny af   0 points1569 days ago

Fuck Yeah! Reply Report

R2D2 +1 points1512 days ago

I really love this video, kinda got me into fantasy rape a while ago... Reply Report

rbrown388 +1 points1489 days ago

I'm right there with ya graves...I could never actually rape anyone but the fantasy part is hot as hell
Reply Report

Lolliepop +1 points1357 days ago

I want someone to rape me hard Reply Report

18/F +1 points1218 days ago

All the porn "for females" is fucking shit. Who needs roses and chocolates or some gentle slow shit like that. I want to be fucked like this. Forcefully and fucking rough as hell. Guys are too fucking gentle and they're too scared to be rough because girls are too fucking retarded. If a guy is going to fuck you good with your consent don't fucking call him "inconsiderate" or a "self-centered asshole" Fuck all of this feminazi bullshit. And guys, if a girl says harder, she means fucking harder. Don't be a pussy. Reply Report

Leely +1 points864 days ago

It would have been nice if the rapist made her suck his suck forceably and slap it on her cheeks and then on boobs. Then cum in her tight cunt whilst pulling of her tits Reply Report

rapelover2222 +1 points829 days ago

you can tell she wanted it Reply Report

SuckmyVagina +1 points764 days ago

my brother raped me mmmm so good Reply Report

SuckmyVagina +1 points764 days ago

I know its wrong but it was so good Reply Report

EYELESS JACK +1 points569 days ago

Why would they video it
Reply Report

TokTok +1 points358 days ago

It‘s fake she laughing! Reply Report
Suck On My Throbbing Hard Dick

Suck On My Throbbing Hard Dick   0 points160 days ago

Yeah no shit, you should’ve named yourself TikTok because just like TilTok, you’re retarded as fuck. Reply Report
Suck On My Throbbing Hard Dick

Suck On My Throbbing Hard Dick   0 points160 days ago

Yeah no shit, you should’ve named yourself TikTok because just like TilTok, you’re retarded as fuck. Reply Report
Nut lord

Nut lord +1 points264 days ago

Would have enjoyed it more, if she was a better actress. She wasn't even trying to hide that she liked it, but otherwise it was good. Reply Report

hi +1 points256 days ago

bro! do u guys see that she's smiling?! Reply Report
Skyler Wolfainia

Skyler Wolfainia -1 points228 days ago

yea i saw horrible actress hot video Reply Report

remyhoebitch +1 points256 days ago

I would love to be raped, honestly. Reply Report

336 +1 points199 days ago

remyhoebitch live on the edge Reply Report
Skyler Wolfainia

Skyler Wolfainia +1 points228 days ago

I agree I'm also a woman and for some reason Rape porn turns me on so does rape Role playing idk y but it's hot as hell to me Reply Report

Unknown +1 points178 days ago

I also want to be raped but not in a harsh way like a boyfriend kind of way he just makes u have sex but it feels soo good Reply Report

Rapeme +1 points135 days ago

UK guys that wanna play this hit me up, but don't be gentle... Sjslittle at yahoo Reply Report

lara +1 points122 days ago

Actually, fantasy rape with someone you trust is good therapy. When you say no, they stop. It gives you back your power. Reply Report

Okayyy +1 points106 days ago

I can't believe that you didn't take advantage of this and say in the description- "The only thing they came to steal was her virginity" I mean geez Reply Report

dp   0 points2428 days ago

Melissa touche' lawl thats what i was thinking too. Reply Report

barbie   0 points2379 days ago

i always wear a dress or skirt when we rape role play. it is so much easier to rape me in a dress or skirt. i also wear pantie hose. and he loves me in satin, so i wear it for him.
Reply Report

Pussymaster   0 points367 days ago

I want that Reply Report

fromley   0 points2046 days ago

I wonder if her vagina smelled bad Reply Report

mmm   0 points1950 days ago

makes me so hot n wet Reply Report

Johnnnnnnn   0 points1198 days ago

Wow.. Love this Reply Report
i only wanted to watch game of thrones

i only wanted to watch game of thrones   0 points1384 days ago

well pirate bay redirected me to this so why not Reply Report

Forcemycockin   0 points804 days ago

Just Ok. Would have been better with face and tit slapping, or some kind of tit torture. Also they should have spread her used cunt at the end to show a load oozing out, so you know she could get pregnant from the rape. Finally having her husband, or boyfriend or maybe a daughter there forced to watch would be even better. Reply Report

Pussymaster   0 points367 days ago

I want that Reply Report

cumsluteric   0 points483 days ago

this shit is crazy hot..... Reply Report

Elisha99   0 points376 days ago

Please. Been raped 3 times already and im 19. At this point i just try to enjoy it Reply Report

rapeme479   0 points64 days ago

women are only made for sexual pleasure, I bet they fucked u good I’m sure you’ll like it just give it a few more times Reply Report

HiItzaMe   0 points1038 days ago

Its hard to tell if fake or not since she smiles through the whole thing and doesn't scream for help. Reply Report

florikat   0 points1015 days ago

Fulling me up With cum when you rape me plz Reply Report

Lilsluttypet   0 points984 days ago

Mmmmmmm rape me Reply Report

INDILAD   0 points720 days ago


SubmissiveSlut413   0 points578 days ago

I'm so horny I want a guy who treats me like this Reply Report

bunghole   0 points568 days ago

anyone know where you can find the full video? Reply Report
Sex lover

Sex lover   0 points393 days ago

I only wish someone would rape me!!! It is a fantasy of mine!!! Reply Report

Poop   0 points261 days ago

She was laughing when they zoomed the camera in her face Reply Report
Sup bros

Sup bros   0 points276 days ago

Super sexy Reply Report
Elise BS

Elise BS   0 points315 days ago

Yes please Reply Report

StarTheWolf   0 points299 days ago

Can someone do this to me...? It’s my dreamI want babies anyway... Reply Report

StarTheWolf   0 points299 days ago

Can someone please do that to me??? I’ve always wanted it to happen to me I want children anywayAnd I’m a virgin still Reply Report

Nauxx   0 points268 days ago

Who is she Reply Report
N WoRd

N WoRd   0 points265 days ago

They robbed her ViRgIn CaRd Reply Report

HarleyQuinn88   0 points7 days ago

I would love for this to happen to me Reply Report

Sav.   0 points158 days ago

I so want this to happen to me, but I'm rarely home alone lmaooooo Reply Report

South   0 points39 days ago

I wish a girl would fuck me not a guy btw im a girl but like i want a girl to fuck me cuase i dont want 2 get pregnantpregnany Reply Report

sick-r -1 points2560 days ago

we are predators Reply Report

john -1 points2317 days ago

im sick of these fake rapes Reply Report

Name -1 points2230 days ago

The man is called Ivan crugenski Reply Report

алексешка -1 points2060 days ago

Они втроем роликов 5 сняли, все на одно лицо. Reply Report

.. -1 points2045 days ago

I love porn
Reply Report
Your mom

Your mom -1 points1460 days ago

I know the porn industry doesn't have the best actress' but it doesn't seem like rape if she's smiling.. Reply Report

Hovar -1 points1078 days ago

That's sexy Reply Report

pervfucker4you -1 points1260 days ago

anybody up for a good rape fantasy i have kk Reply Report

Foolish -1 points1310 days ago

She can just take a cotton swab and wipe the jizz up and take it to the police. Luckily for the intruders it's fake. Reply Report

justwantssomething -1 points1301 days ago

I want this so bad Reply Report

Saralily -1 points1279 days ago

They fucked her so good. She enjoyed it cause she was moaning. Reply Report

Needtoberaped -1 points1148 days ago

Someone rape me pleaseeee. I'm a desperate little slut. Reply Report

Strangefetishchick -1 points936 days ago

It also sorta turned me on how small his dick was lol. Female btw. Reply Report

xesueltantra10 -1 points896 days ago

Well played. Reply Report

Tip2hip -1 points879 days ago

who is this girl anybody know?
Reply Report

tip2hip -1 points879 days ago

She is so hot!!! Would love to have been one of those guys. Even take sloppy 3rds with her!!! Reply Report

tip2hip -1 points849 days ago

Man, she was so freaking hot!!! Sorry I would stuck around for seconds hell even thirds!!! Reply Report
Silver stream

Silver stream -1 points819 days ago

This is why I really got into bdsm Reply Report
Skyler Wolfainia

Skyler Wolfainia   0 points228 days ago

stream same Reply Report

rapemenow -1 points808 days ago

rape fantasy , i am from Puerto Rico Reply Report

FFCP69 -1 points742 days ago

i wanna RAPE the whore next!! Reply Report

lalin -1 points629 days ago

fuck rapers motherfucker Reply Report

SexiLexi -2 points2292 days ago


... -1 points2234 days ago

That was my thought! Reply Report

michelle15 -2 points1087 days ago

My fantasy is be raped and get pregnant Reply Report

imbatman -3 points2574 days ago

This Staged Rape is brought to you by Mountain Dew. It will keep your mouth wet and your pussy sticky especially if your laying on your back. Reply Report

duuuude -3 points2522 days ago

Just happens to have a brilliantly shaven pussy and she isn't kicking as much as she can to get out their grip? Fake...but a very very good fake one ;P Reply Report
Bodybuiler on steriods

Bodybuiler on steriods -3 points1947 days ago

Acting's kinda bad though, only snooki would smile while getting raped... Reply Report

ff -3 points1203 days ago

is this real Reply Report

really?-_- -3 points1783 days ago

this was an awful fantasy rape video. the acting was terrible and it looked like she wasnt resisting enough. what would make it more interesting is if she was a virgin and she acted as if she really was scared. Reply Report
Gimme a break

Gimme a break -3 points1568 days ago

Lol I see lots of traps and snares here in the comment section.....wonder if any idiot fell into them :P Reply Report

Inzest -3 points739 days ago

I would rape a girl as long as she was knocked out on pills and wouldn't remember. Reply Report

Fluttershybae -4 points1438 days ago

Why tf does this never work??
Reply Report

scum -8 points2581 days ago

rape or rape fantasy? ahh.. fuck it just throw it all into the rape category. Reply Report

2lolo -12 points2426 days ago Stop showing Fake Rape.......... Reply Report
u fuckin mong

u fuckin mong +2 points1436 days ago

get a life you bastard
no one tapes rape
Reply Report

wowman -15 points2577 days ago

rape is disgusting, it is wrong Reply Report

WTF -23 points2462 days ago

This is FUCKING DISGUSTING even if it's not real. They should show more Men getting raped by black guy videos hahaha

women should not be portrayed like this.
Reply Report

No   0 points2133 days ago

It's not disgusting as a fantasy (and only as a fantasy of course) Reply Report


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