Anal Rape

Burglars wait in garage for Italian woman to come home so they can force their dicks in her asshole. She's crying as they rape her, but you can tell she did like it a little.

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beedee241 +110 points2442 days ago

Her tears definitely added to the authenticity and I liked the way her clothing was systematically ripped from her gorgeous body! Reply Report
lil juicy lucy

lil juicy lucy +5 points1074 days ago

She did do a good job with her facial expressions, but the music was awful, and is there anything more fake you can do then the camera behind the mask shots they cut in. Reply Report

missym86 +40 points1289 days ago

Fuck i'd love for someone to rape me when I came home like this. Reply Report

Splash   0 points645 days ago

missym86 ur bf ?? Or a friend with benefits?? Lol Reply Report

doccocks51 -3 points1086 days ago

Anytime, anywhere beautiful Reply Report
I am so a raper!

I am so a raper! +15 points1268 days ago

Where do you live? Reply Report

missym86 +13 points1265 days ago

pm me ;) Reply Report
Name to display

Name to display +7 points1174 days ago

Literally anyone would do this. Reply Report

sugarkitten   0 points964 days ago

Nah they wouldn't. They're hard to come by. Not sure how to find them though Reply Report

missym86 +1 points1167 days ago

Well im still waiting for someone to do it. Reply Report

Noel433 +1 points70 days ago

missym86 damn i want to but cant pm you cuz i have to login. Just shout me n you'll get my dick in your asshole Reply Report

selfenjoy +2 points1159 days ago

missym86 are you serious or just kidding? Reply Report

SEXY CHICK +36 points2351 days ago

why must they add cliche porno music to rape fantasy...I hate that Reply Report

tezza +23 points2265 days ago

my pussy is so wet right now, I long to be fucked hard in both holes at the same time....sweden Reply Report

Hellsheir +2 points1423 days ago

Me too Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +16 points2433 days ago

Fuck that bitch and don't stop until you cum in that fucking bitch good man fuck here fuck here. Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +16 points1258 days ago

mmm what a great way to come home, wish it would happen to me often ;-) Reply Report

Analexpert +2 points1232 days ago

I can help with that, where are you based? Reply Report

samanthadutchslut -2 points1216 days ago

Holland Reply Report

Lou9   0 points124 days ago

samanthadutchslut mi? Reply Report

ashleygreene +15 points1367 days ago

I seriously just fantasize about anal rape like this :o Reply Report

fatfuckfrank +15 points2094 days ago

Anyone one want to play a game of rape ?

No ?

Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points2089 days ago

we rape role play a lot.
Reply Report

Hoselover +14 points2442 days ago

This is good, but the music sucks. I wish they didn't add this. I love hearing her squeal. The ripping of her hose before the rape was sweet. She knew at that point she was going to be raped. Reply Report

sickbitch +13 points2149 days ago

anal rape is the best rape Reply Report

sluttybree +13 points1514 days ago

i wanna get raped in my ass hard Reply Report

MC +1 points241 days ago

sluttybree Well I'm located in Washington DC too. We can arrange something if you'd like ;) Reply Report
Flash man

Flash man   0 points444 days ago

sluttybree where you at hot stuff! Reply Report

borowiec +12 points1581 days ago

I envy her, Reply Report

funbarbie3 +11 points2442 days ago

Yes Mr. Hoselover, we agree, the music was not good. I have seen this before without the music and it is much better. But we didn't make this, just posted it. Reply Report

poundmypuss +10 points1634 days ago

Why can't I find two men like that? Reply Report
Mr. Wank

Mr. Wank +9 points2404 days ago

Fantastic! Anyone know the title of the source? Reply Report

angelique21 +9 points1555 days ago

I enjoyed this's the sort of thing I fantasise about happening to me.
I have truly been raped...see my profile...and...I have experienced some other shit that I only share with friends.
But I will tell all those girls who are fantasising about it...Beware....I have been could have got so bad for me.
I will tell you now....if it happens....all the tears in the world won't stop just lay back....accept it...and if you me...enjoy it....tell them you enjoyed it....tell them that you would like for them to do it to you again some time......even if you don't.... then they will probably let you go .
Reply Report

alexxroxx +8 points1581 days ago

Where can I find guys like that to give me the fucking I deserve? Reply Report

rapeprincess +8 points1570 days ago

Goals... Lol Reply Report

RapeLover69 +7 points1432 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me. Someone to hold me down as I struggle and the other to use me anyway they want. Reply Report

amonuet +6 points1713 days ago

Anybody knows the full name of the whole movie?
Reply Report

Joh +6 points1286 days ago

What a slut who deserves to be abused Reply Report

Weird +5 points2374 days ago

Why do her only in the anus? If your going to rape someone do it right in both holes or just in the pussy. Reply Report

neighborhoodtoiletsince1995 +4 points2239 days ago

message me Reply Report

+5 points2337 days ago

I fucked this chick in high school and only let me in her ass because she didn't wanna lose her virginity maybe that's the case here Reply Report

curious +5 points2054 days ago

what is the actresses' name? Reply Report
registered sex offender

registered sex offender +5 points1699 days ago

Loved pulling the bitches hair when I was ass fucking them Reply Report
Da Lorr

Da Lorr +5 points1667 days ago

I would love to come home and get used like this for hours. Reply Report

rapeme +4 points2131 days ago

My latina pussy so wet right now Reply Report
Birthday girl

Birthday girl +4 points1250 days ago

I came to this vidio like 6 times. I love anal rape and it is so hot that their dicks are big! It would be so hot if they double fucked and creampied her cunt Reply Report

brian195951 +3 points2423 days ago

very well done! thanks!
Reply Report

Secret +3 points1724 days ago

I Liked it, The acting was good. & She had Nice tits. Reply Report

Thrones +3 points1454 days ago

What's her name?

Reply Report

Sublette +3 points1282 days ago

I have never been fucked in my ass before. I masturbate to this video everytime. I want to think that my first time will be restrained and unable to do anything but cry as I accept my painful fate. Reply Report

rapemehard73 +3 points1215 days ago

I want this kind of rape... Reply Report
yaaaa buddy

yaaaa buddy +2 points2417 days ago

skip to 13:53 to make this from sexy to creepy Reply Report

T +2 points2023 days ago

Love the two fat cocks, would liked to have seen more of the men !! Reply Report

underageforshures +2 points1238 days ago

Anyone want me to rape them Reply Report

MissBitch91 +2 points883 days ago

What's with the awful pussy numbing music!!!!!
Reply Report

Mr_Ant +2 points770 days ago

She said papa. Reply Report

Wow +1 points2023 days ago

This was one of the best videos on the website, they should post more of these on here.
Reply Report

Beaverwatcher +1 points1124 days ago

Body like Jaime Cross Machesney Park, Il Reply Report

wishfullsub +1 points934 days ago

I'm open for this treatment. Reply Report

lemmedrivedeboat +1 points288 days ago

I always rub my clit to this and have mind blowing orgasms. This vid is so hot lmao. Reply Report

Slavewife19 +1 points196 days ago

Great men. They deserve to keep the bitch as a sex slave. Reply Report

Bonerman   0 points625 days ago

Her shaved cunt is gorgeous. I would love to bathe the outside with my thick, gooy seed, then 15 mins later fill her with another messy load. Reply Report

name   0 points2435 days ago

Anyone else notice that his bracelet looks like a dick ... Reply Report

Tucker   0 points2433 days ago

To Funbarbie3..ur cute! I fantasise(only) about doing u! Reply Report

Dhd   0 points1176 days ago

Jj Reply Report

Ijj   0 points1176 days ago

Jjj Reply Report

lovesex   0 points1147 days ago

I would love to role play this Reply Report

paucar   0 points1526 days ago

ok Reply Report

babayega   0 points1116 days ago

I love this movie
Reply Report
fuck meeee

fuck meeee   0 points965 days ago

Someone rape me please, reply to me, ill give you my adress Reply Report
Thomas Pategas

Thomas Pategas   0 points868 days ago

Yeah , this is Thomas Pategas from FSO. I am gay and love getting ganged banged in the ass hole. I am looking for a temp to suck my dick and eat my ass hole . This has to be a big, of black boy perfered . Fuck me and I will lick your balls. Fuck you FSO staffing agency! Reply Report

the_serial_rapist   0 points782 days ago

Want this? Check my profile. Reply Report

123458907   0 points740 days ago

I would love to have this happen to me with ski masks instead of the ones they are wearing Reply Report

Ajk32   0 points692 days ago

She should have pretended to try to escape more rather than just shouting. Reply Report

blackvelvet   0 points618 days ago

Flashbacks from the days.... Reply Report
Nobody Inparticular

Nobody Inparticular   0 points523 days ago

Why, and all of these anal sex videos, does the guy always pull out and squirt all over the girl? It would make more sense to just stay in her ass, because pregnancy cannot happen if you climax in a woman's ass. Reply Report
Big dick 68

Big dick 68   0 points177 days ago

Music in porn completely ruins it Reply Report

Thigh -1 points2330 days ago

Butt sex :) Reply Report

WhoredOutKittenLuxxy -1 points1458 days ago

Is it just me or did anyone else notice the dick bracelet on the guy when he was fucking and fingering her? Reply Report

BaybeeKysses -1 points875 days ago

I'll Never Understand....Why So Many People...Find This Entertaining?! People Who Do...Need To Be Fucking Locked Up In An Insane Asylum. Reply Report

Ajk32   0 points692 days ago

Before you say that think " would i rather people live out their fantasies of raping people in their minds or real life" because i think you'd prefer the first one over the second one. Reply Report
Reply to pervy

Reply to pervy -2 points2414 days ago

Pervy, You live in VA, are you a guy or girl? Reply Report

^O^ -2 points2163 days ago

Gay dude will get horny and say something like "i wish someone will fuck both of my hole's" Reply Report

lalalandbitch -2 points2085 days ago

i dont want this to happen to me Reply Report

hmmm -2 points1790 days ago

would have been better if she would have sat up and sucked his finger at the end Reply Report

wtfwtf -2 points1257 days ago

Yeah that's it boys..leave all that dna evidence for the cops lol Reply Report

selfenjoy -3 points1159 days ago

Please someone tell me this is acting and fake? If not i hope those guys will suffer in hell forever Reply Report

Splash   0 points645 days ago

selfenjoy of course it's fake!! Reply Report

Butter -4 points1271 days ago

Their dicks barely moved. Reply Report

Horrible -7 points1268 days ago

This is horrible! Kys Reply Report

Yrtnafni -8 points2407 days ago

Ijackoffto, you're a fucking pervert. Wtf is wrong with you? 9 years old and you're daughter? You're a sick fuck. Get some fucking help. Reply Report

Crying2121 -9 points1258 days ago

This is horrible, imagine it being done to you. This is abomination in Gods eyes Reply Report

Michaelis   0 points148 days ago

As Unrebellingproperty said already, rape is pretty much a moral requirement in the bible, even a part where an entire tribe is killed all except for the little girls who were saved just to be raped by God's soldiers, because only premium virgin rape is good enough for the almighty Creator of everything, but absolutely no homosexuality, none of that at all because THAT is immoral.Think about that for a second, god calls it a sin for two men to love each other but openly commanded (not allowed, not encouraged, COMMANDED) the rape of innocent children after committing genocide against their entire community, and for what exactly? How on Earth can you justify such a piece of shit god even if he was real?And people are surprised that Christian and religious communities and demographics have the higher rape stats. Reply Report

Unrebellingproperty   0 points196 days ago

Really?? Then why does God say that if a woman is raped the father is can sell his daughter to him as slave wife forever aka without divorce?? We are property of men also. Eve's fault that we must be owned by father and husband or his brother after widowed. It's our punishment for original sin. Quit rebelling and submit to a husband and call him Lord for husband's are our god. Reply Report


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