Teen Schoolgirl Raped

Once he was fucking her, she started enjoying it. So is this still considered rape?

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funbarbie3 +379 points2309 days ago

yeah we know, this is just fantasy and not real. it is not real, just FANTASY. why do people keep saying yeah, this is fake, ah, no kidding. it is just "FANTASY". if people hate this, then why come here. all of the rape movies are FAKE. yeah, hey, we get it, you know it is fake. you are all so so smart. WOW!!!! Reply Report

S.s.bob   0 points20 days ago

you just wish that it was you? Don't you Barbie 3. Reply Report
tim lackey

tim lackey -5 points1074 days ago

I would touch her pussy and her boobs and then take pictures of her once she is naked Reply Report

LeslieCreeper -7 points335 days ago

It’s not rape. At the beginning, she was showing her midriff. So that is consent. Plus, she seemed to be getting wet any way. So, it’s just good porn. Nothing illegal here. Reply Report

REAL? YEAH +8 points1866 days ago

Yeah, real people know this is just role playing. Those who have to say fake are asses and don't post anything here, please, keep up the good posts. Reply Report
Female rape lover

Female rape lover +40 points2287 days ago

I'm a female and I liked this porn! Reply Report
Rape-loving Loekie

Rape-loving Loekie   0 points135 days ago

rape lover love it when a woman admits that she wants to be forced, and not asked for consent or permission to sexually abuse any of her fuckholes where and whenever I feel the need to... love a woman that knows she is made for my sexual pleasure and doesn't try and convince herself that, sheek is anything more than my fuck toy... Reply Report

donzie226 -22 points1015 days ago

why dont we make a video of our very own? just for you and I privately. Reply Report

ballcody +28 points2224 days ago

i just come here to read the comments Reply Report

MemelordxD +4 points648 days ago

lol sure we all just come to read comments Reply Report
Rape lover

Rape lover +24 points2294 days ago

Best. Video. Ever. Reply Report
My fantasy

My fantasy +20 points2273 days ago

I'd love to be taken and fucked like that... Reply Report

nice +18 points2300 days ago

god damn! i came twice watching this Reply Report
random girl

random girl +16 points2275 days ago

that is a small penis I don't know why she thinks its so big Reply Report
lord man

lord man +12 points2070 days ago

Don't fucking kid yours self most men have a penis of that size mines only 6" and i have never had any complaints about size mainly about the fact i last too bloody long and stay hard for about a hour after Cuming so i just keep fucking Reply Report

godfreyjones +16 points2028 days ago

Not bad fairly realistic and well gotta give credit at least they tied her hands up so she couldn't grab the guy in pleasure 8/10 from me. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +15 points2027 days ago

we role play this way, i fight, scream and plead not to be raped. Reply Report

DatFrenchieGirl +13 points2274 days ago

Omg, I WANT that guy ;u;
He's so beautiful~
Reply Report
Want to be controlled by males

Want to be controlled by males +10 points2181 days ago

I would give any thing to be fucked like this Reply Report

rapeyou4funATyahooDOTcomDOTau -8 points2084 days ago

Contact me. Reply Report

FuckMeHardBaby +8 points2074 days ago

I love her reaction to him touching her bare pussy the first time... Reply Report

Tina +8 points1591 days ago

I knew a girl this happened to. At first she said she didn't like it, but when we talked more, she wanted it again. I was turned on hearing her say how it was done to her. It was over 3 hours of being raped she said. She as 14 at the time. How could this happen to a girl her age? I think about it when I have sex sometimes. I still get turned on thinking about it being done to me. Reply Report

sothere +7 points2270 days ago

This I like good every thing WOW want to see her!!!! Reply Report

Heather +7 points2113 days ago

He kissed her lips, then her pussy! This video sends me to dildo! Reply Report
I love it

I love it +2 points2111 days ago

I love when he kisses my pussy, then my lips, I tasted my pussy. Reply Report

HOT!! +7 points2094 days ago

I love how she said, you just came in my mouth after the oral rape. Reply Report
AH, i know

AH, i know   0 points2093 days ago

That made me want to cum too when she said that. Reply Report
rock hard

rock hard +7 points2038 days ago

Wow ! A good one.... But it could have been more excelllent if the man removed all her cloths, stretched her legs extremely wide apart, even beyobd the limit they could go, tied her ankles to the bed posts and a group of 18 to 20 men raped her bruttaly and repeatedly for hours...... Make her feel extreme pain....... ! Reply Report
Ryanda Cornelissen

Ryanda Cornelissen +12 points1129 days ago

You just described exactly what my tight teen body needs Reply Report
Lov this site xxx23

Lov this site xxx23   0 points2030 days ago

That's ex what I'm saying but I ducking lov this site xxxxxxx Reply Report

funbarbie3 +15 points2032 days ago

he loves to feel my satin dress or skirt and hose while he rapes me, and i don't mind it. Reply Report

CLOTHED RAPIST +6 points2034 days ago

I like them to have something on, like hose,or a skirt. Reply Report
Raping her today

Raping her today +1 points1987 days ago

I love raping her in a dress too. Reply Report

0000 +3 points2033 days ago

Don't you think it's more fun to rip off her clothes completely?
After all, this is just fantasy.
Reply Report

funbarbie3 +6 points2018 days ago

i don't mind if my hose are torn, or my dress is ripped from my helpless body. Reply Report

0000 +3 points2038 days ago

No, I think he just should've stripped her completely and just work on her for as long as he possibly could.
Reply Report

bisexual +7 points1846 days ago

omg hes so fucking hot i want him to rape me and then rape her then ill fuck her cause shes hot af Reply Report

anon +7 points1792 days ago

her anal video is good too Reply Report
Blair Bart

Blair Bart -1 points784 days ago

anon which anal vidro? Reply Report
At this age

At this age +7 points1673 days ago

Look "Barbie", All of you movies are good. I have been raped. I was 18 when this happened to me. At first, I was shocked. I didn't want it. But while he was in me, I did like it. All of the movies you posed, she or the victim seem to have been wanting it. Maybe I dressed like you say. I did want sex that night and it happened. I dressed like you have said, "come rape me dress". I didn't fight. He knew I didn't want it. But I sucked him, and let him cum inside of me. Maybe, it works that way. But I have wanted it and have gotten it more times that way. Reply Report

teenrapelover +6 points1914 days ago

One of the best I have seen. Reply Report

Bells +6 points2076 days ago

I need this!!! I love this!!! Pin me down, choke me, take me! Fuck yeah!!! Reply Report

fantasyman -3 points1978 days ago

stand in line all girls want this that's why they drink hoping to get rape girls are suck fake saying rape come on Reply Report
Rapist killer Clair 48

Rapist killer Clair 48   0 points982 days ago

It has happened to me before I nd I hated it because I'm a lesbian so I stabbed him 36 Times then slit his throat
Reply Report
Uh Oh

Uh Oh +6 points2041 days ago

C'mon, Funbarbie3....don't let the assholes push your buttons...see what THEY'VE uploaded...this is a nice clip...thanks. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +9 points2038 days ago

they don't for real, it is funny how they bitch but never post anything. Reply Report

0000 +6 points2040 days ago

he should've completely stripped her Reply Report

fuckmeharder +6 points1905 days ago

Could someone rape me like this? Reply Report

bedbug   0 points1712 days ago

Sure, just give us your address... Reply Report

ME2 +6 points1974 days ago

Kimmy is the girl, the teen girl I want to rape. Reply Report

noisy +5 points2292 days ago

That girl was too freaking noisy. Reply Report

FUCK ME +5 points1977 days ago

GOOD MOVIE. Reply Report
Little Eve

Little Eve +5 points1972 days ago

I would love you to rape this little school slut....I am watching your porn daddy and playing withy my toys waiting to be raped brutally if you want to still daddy? please big cock daddy? xxxx Love your Little Slut to be Raped Brutally hard....... Reply Report

blackcougar +5 points1922 days ago

LOVE this vid
Reply Report

aj +5 points1882 days ago

God i came so much to this video one of the best Reply Report
Master Bates

Master Bates +5 points1795 days ago

This is by far the best rape video I ever have and ever will see in my life. We want more! Reply Report
Dee Dee

Dee Dee +5 points1627 days ago

I dress like this when my boyfriend wants me too. And that is alot. I don't mind rape role playing. I get off more then he does, but I don't say I do. I give in to what he wants. Mostly, he loves it in my mouth. I swallow, and act as if I hate it. I never spit it out. He eats me, and I fight when he does, and I say please stop, but I would hate if he did. I loved this clip and found a school girl skirt like this. Good role. Reply Report
Ryanda Cornelissen

Ryanda Cornelissen +5 points1118 days ago

Wish this was me... Reply Report
Want too

Want too +4 points2057 days ago

I want to cum in her mouth too. Reply Report

johndoe -10 points2055 days ago

Anyone know where to find the real? Reply Report

What -1 points2045 days ago

Real what? Reply Report

pornlover +4 points1621 days ago

that girl was asking to get raped she walked in to the woods with her bra showing and in a skirt Reply Report
Carol T.

Carol T. +2 points1613 days ago

I know that is why I dress like that. I want it BAD!!!! Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points1619 days ago

that is what we have been trying to say. i also dress something like this when i am "asking" to be raped and strangled. but i will wear a satin dress, or a satin skirt, and pantie hose when i am asking for it. Reply Report

OKAY +4 points1987 days ago

I loved this one. Reply Report
Nontobeko the slut

Nontobeko the slut +4 points1380 days ago

Sexy. There is a girl that all the boys want to fuck . She'd wear a slutty short skirt and her sexy thighs will show. Boys corner her and some finger her and look up her skirt. Reply Report

WhistlingDixie   0 points256 days ago

the slut he shoulda fooked HR little asshole Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points2275 days ago

he should ti her up
Reply Report

hjhhh +3 points2182 days ago

i masturbated and came hard watching this Reply Report

gamma261 +3 points2172 days ago

Hazel what? I want more of her... anyone know her full name or where I can find more of her? Reply Report

z +1 points2144 days ago

Hazel Powershotz Reply Report
Just right

Just right +3 points1977 days ago

At about 12:06 in this, she knew her mouth was going to be raped. Reply Report

... +3 points1226 days ago

I am a girl and I literally imagined my crush from my school do this with me... Reply Report
Me too

Me too +3 points1628 days ago

I want so bad to rape a girl like that. Tied to a bed, short skirt. Hearing her plead not to be fucked would make me do her, HARD!!!! I would keep her little come rape me skirt on too. So she could wear it home to show she was raped. Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me +1 points897 days ago

if you want my adress u can come rape me Reply Report
Loekie force-fucking bitches

Loekie force-fucking bitches   0 points135 days ago

me i would love to rape u... but not roleplay... it needs to be very hard, very real...What do u say? Want to be really brutalized in all your holes, fucki.g so violantly.into them as if i'm hoping to.make them bleed... while enjoying your begging and screaming for me to stop... Reply Report

Mimi +3 points1349 days ago

You can rape me anytime Reply Report

kk +2 points2242 days ago

I wanna fuck someone Reply Report

Bitch +4 points2207 days ago

Fuck me Reply Report

... +2 points2206 days ago

Way too laggy on mobile Reply Report

gothcumslut +2 points1029 days ago

He can come rape me anytime!! Reply Report

erebus   0 points412 days ago

gothcumslut just him ?
Reply Report

Rosexx +2 points261 days ago

Oh my fucking lord I wish some guy(s) would rape me like this ughhhh watching this makes me soo wet Reply Report
non member

non member +1 points2275 days ago

in the beginning
Reply Report
Nicccccce ;)

Nicccccce ;) +1 points2242 days ago

I don't suppose someone knows the name of this beut and if she's done any other vids??? Reply Report

anon +1 points2191 days ago

Hazel shes done at least 3 others with poweshotz Reply Report

Baddad999 +1 points1614 days ago

What other movies has this actress done? Reply Report

RoseXx   0 points253 days ago

aha hahahahaha I love this comment too much yeah it’s sooo fake like the shirt come onnnnnnn. Wear that and I’d rape her too and I’m a chick!!! Reply Report
anon 89

anon 89 +1 points1540 days ago

I wanted to know how I could find ur other videos, these are all exactly what I need. Do I have to subscribe to view them. I can't find em Reply Report
Random guy

Random guy +1 points1045 days ago

Anyone know what the girl name is? Reply Report

WhistlingDixie   0 points256 days ago

guy she's my Sister. Reply Report
Bondage Rapist

Bondage Rapist   0 points164 days ago

And shrek is my dad Reply Report

A... +1 points1116 days ago

Loved it but where's the rest? Reply Report

Walker996 +1 points1113 days ago

Ive seen that gurl before, i find her gorgeous Reply Report
Oh yeah lemme cum in ya

Oh yeah lemme cum in ya +1 points940 days ago

Melina Curse

Melina Curse +1 points866 days ago

Yes, still rape. Reply Report

Starruiz69 +1 points614 days ago

Who want to fuck like this ? Reply Report

SexyAmelia +1 points507 days ago

I love Girls and i love to drink love Juices from my pussy Reply Report

icedwrath   0 points2146 days ago

they WISH all of them were fake. Reply Report

OMG   0 points2090 days ago

I love the little shirt and top she has on. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +12 points2089 days ago

OMG, did you mean, little skirt? when i wear them, my BF calls them my come rape me skirts Reply Report

rapeyou4funATyahooDOTcomDOTau   0 points2084 days ago

Any Australian women who like to be treated like this, contact me. Reply Report

hardfunonlyATyahooDOTcomDOTau   0 points2043 days ago

Any Australian women that like this treatment, contact me. Reply Report

Socklover   0 points266 days ago

Why removed her socks when he hardly kissed her beautiful feet? Reply Report

HisWhore5   0 points892 days ago

Please someone do this to me, not just one guy though, three or four I love it Reply Report

Deadpool   0 points617 days ago

I’ll rape you till you’re legs turn to jelly Reply Report

tip2hip   0 points647 days ago

when where baby?
Reply Report

lucysweetlust   0 points98 days ago

what’s the name of the girl? So nice and submissive! Reply Report

pornhub4life   0 points760 days ago

it won't load put it on pornhub Reply Report

tip2hip   0 points647 days ago

Every time I watch this girl all 9in come alive...!!! Reply Report

HENTAILOVER 69   0 points525 days ago


JustFurFun   0 points438 days ago

If this was real, she would probably have s smaller tits. Reply Report

jackjohn   0 points422 days ago

thanks Reply Report

Rapisttttt   0 points393 days ago

I will rape her everyday with my wife watching... Reply Report

Kris999   0 points36 days ago

I’m a woman and I like this porn!! Reply Report

WhistlingDixie   0 points256 days ago

Fook em funbarbie3 I wouldn't worry about there silly asses Reply Report

xoo   0 points218 days ago

Eventually got her under control and in a usable position; things would have been easier and time saved if he'd had help from a couple of friends - perhaps he didn't want to share the spoils! Reply Report

xoo   0 points208 days ago

Fairly entertaining, but a girl's clothes should be completely removed before she is used. Reply Report

ZEROxSHADOW   0 points159 days ago

Anyone know your name? Reply Report

Memester   0 points88 days ago

Dude looks like fucking Shaggy, your welcome viewers of the comments Reply Report

frang   0 points133 days ago

He could justify his use of the girl only after stripping her completely naked. Reply Report

Bawi   0 points114 days ago

Hi Reply Report

?? -1 points1283 days ago

This is real right? Reply Report

disgusted -1 points942 days ago

Jesus Christ, 99% of these comments are from kids. Reply Report

REAL HOT -3 points1979 days ago

This makes me want to rape a little schoolgirl too. Reply Report
Oh yeah

Oh yeah   0 points662 days ago

HOT I want to rape a young little girl Reply Report

ME2 -7 points1978 days ago


Cassidy.   0 points1287 days ago

mmmm yes. Reply Report

ME2 -6 points2046 days ago

I want to rape this teen girl that lives next to me. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +13 points2046 days ago

why don't you go away. Reply Report

LOOK AT ME +5 points2017 days ago

He just wants someone to look at him. Reply Report

xtreme -17 points2275 days ago

not enough attention at her feet; I shoul spend some time on sniffing her socks and feet Reply Report
The Last Templar

The Last Templar +9 points2070 days ago

Yeah that's cause your sick in the fucking head Reply Report
Inconsistency :(

Inconsistency :( -21 points2311 days ago

I hate inconsistent rape videos. If she was hating every second, she wouldn't be moaning like that. She wouldn't have kissed him back. She wouldn't be talking about how big he is. Stupid. Reply Report
you are a idiotic

you are a idiotic +7 points2070 days ago

She may have hated being raped but once the pussy starts to feel good from sex most girls start to moan Cleary you have never had sex otherwise you would know this Reply Report

strong8761 +1 points1369 days ago

What type of outfit can a male teenager wear in order to be kidnapped by sexually violent adult women and raped, anal included? Reply Report

Malerape? +1 points940 days ago

yeah seriously i want to have a girl come to me cuz im to pussy to do it myself lol Reply Report

mick -24 points1948 days ago

Let God convict these men of rape, send the cops across their path, in Jesus mighty name, amen! Reply Report

lala +5 points1735 days ago

You are such a fucktard Reply Report

SatanicFucker +3 points1795 days ago

Hail to Satan our lord below let him bring onto me an apocalypse the likes of which man has never seen Reply Report


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