Real Male Castration

Voluntary castration makes this guy into an Eunuchs. Why?

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findichtoll +67 points2416 days ago

praktisch - kann einem keiner mehr auf den sack gehen. Reply Report

Wow +33 points2233 days ago

Any cutters going to volunteer, would love to have this done Reply Report
Wish it were my balls coming off

Wish it were my balls coming off +28 points2099 days ago

Just think if you were numb between your legs and you could watch as your sac was being cut open and your testicals pulled out and your cords exposed too.
Then the cords tied and your testicals cut off right in front of you.
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Valenn Graves

Valenn Graves   0 points388 days ago

it were my balls coming off. You're making me horny. Reply Report

Love2lickurclit -1 points427 days ago

I watched my vasectomy. Actually had a group watching. I think about 10 people showed up to watch. It was so cool !!! Now 25 years later, I could watch my balls go. Reply Report
my nuts

my nuts +12 points1086 days ago

Oh yeah, me too.....!!!!!
I would want to watch the cords being cut off and my balls set free.
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dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

nuts wanna see me flaying my scrotum and testes? Reply Report

harimau +27 points2216 days ago

why shouldn't a man doesn't have the choice to get castrated? Reply Report

radu_doncea   0 points213 days ago

harimau This should be an option included in a marriage or partnership contract. Because it's for life, you know. Reply Report

Radurescu   0 points9 days ago

ba coaie sa stie ca ai dreptate in plm parca in tro tara te lasa da nu sunt sigur si invers la fel Reply Report

X +16 points2149 days ago

Balls are over rated Reply Report

Biggogsie +12 points2139 days ago

I agree Balls are Over Rated
Given modern medical procedures we can extracted semen from those willing to go through the procedure storing the semen in cryo tanks then allowing men and women to produce children naturally then the guy can get the tubes coming from the testicals surgically sealed stopping the flow of sperm
Why cant we allow men the choose to have their testicals surgically removed also preventing sperm from being produced allowing couples to have sex as before
Hoping i get a more support from people open minded enough to see that this can be a way forward for men if we say yes bringing it in to the main stream medical profession
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Will u take mine

Will u take mine   0 points517 days ago

Biggogsie Reply Report

biggogsie +7 points2147 days ago

About Balls being over rated do you know of anyone that can surgically remove testicals ? If so get back to me please thank you Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

biggogsie i know how! we can eat each others testes if you want ill let you rip my scrotum open! Reply Report

xgrimm13x -1 points460 days ago

Anyone want to remove my cock or balls? In Lansing MichiganNeeding to be smooth Reply Report

Shehbaaz +2 points397 days ago

xgrimm13x Reply Report

Shehbaaz +2 points397 days ago

xgrimm13x I'm not a professional cutter but I could cut your balls and cock and eat it in front of you ;) Reply Report

dakotatheboss +3 points451 days ago

xgrimm13x I would love to remove your cock or your balls. Reply Report

Ballzgoneplz   0 points432 days ago

could you do mine? Down in Georgia Reply Report

X +7 points2143 days ago

Sorry no.
Given the current political climate, and attitude toward men
one wonders why this is encouraged.
There is ceternaly a vocal minority that would like to see more men castrated.
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Biggogsie +2 points2139 days ago

That's a shame you saying NO what i don't understand is your comment about it being current political climate its not about what is happening in politics me asking.
Its 100% my need to have the surgery that drives me to ask again is their anyone who can perform SAFELY the operation that will castrate me under general anaesthetic i wait for a answer thank you so much
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patrickcm1512 +15 points2389 days ago

oh god -.- Reply Report

smile +15 points2095 days ago

No more baby yogurt for him... Reply Report
Au Dude

Au Dude +7 points1920 days ago

That's kind of the point. Some of us just don't want our balls. That's what I want. No way to breed, no more baby batter, no more erections Reply Report

Wishing +15 points2028 days ago

I sure wish my baby batter and baby yogurt was gone forever.
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eat my useless balls

eat my useless balls +15 points1920 days ago

Anyone want to slice open my 20 year old sack and let my balls hang as I jerk my meat, or let me smash their balls with my warm feet or hammer, north Carolina area Reply Report

TheOne +14 points2407 days ago

Passed out drinking, Doctor experimented with him. Imagine when you wake up to find yourself NUTless!! Reply Report

sirropenchain +4 points1251 days ago

Doctor could experiment with my nuts need them gone and to add to the humiliation of watching it seeing two 2" stainless steel ball bearings implanted and then locked back into chastity Reply Report

sparalesto +13 points2008 days ago

i want to be castration like this guy Reply Report

zipfel +10 points2007 days ago

I want to do it at another Boy !
Let me do it !
Reply Report

dakotatheboss +1 points576 days ago

you can castrate me. Reply Report
me too

me too +9 points1998 days ago

You can do it to me too..
If you get really excited after doing me you can force yourself up inside me and leave your seed in me.
Reply Report

zipfel +6 points1976 days ago

That sounds cool! Would I do Geren.
But I have no experience with castration. Should it get to you!
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Ladyboy +10 points1779 days ago

ive been watching these videos on few sites, they are amazing! Ive always wanted to be a cute transgirl for a dominant man. And that includes him removing my balls and then me starting female hormone treatment... I love the moment when the balls are cut, it makes me almost exstatic, I want to feel it done on me, and became a girl.. Reply Report

dakotatheboss +2 points576 days ago

i wanna help you be a girl and cut your nuts off.That would be hot I want my nuts be be cut off but i cant find anyone willing to do it.I wanna be neutered so bad my little nuts are hurting.You can eat my nuts. Reply Report

sirropenchain +1 points1247 days ago

I want the same as you, but id love that once my man balls are free'd from their sack that two 2" stainless steel ball bearings are implanted and then locked back into chastity n started on hormones Reply Report
au dude

au dude +8 points1925 days ago

Anyone in Melbourne want to castrate a young, fit 21 year old? Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

dude we can video chat and i can walk you through the steps Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

dude id love to cut ur nuts off Reply Report

zipfel +2 points1924 days ago

Shit !!!! I´m to far away from you !
It would be Great to do that!
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Au Dude

Au Dude +5 points1920 days ago

Damn dude. I just need like, one person with a burdizzo who can close the jaws and end my manhood. Or an experienced person to either do it surgically or with an elastator and a knife. I'd love for it to be a pair of cute guys but I don't care with who or how it happens at this point.

I almost just want to do 4 30ml injections of Bacardi 151 into each nut. God damn I'm hard just thinking about it, with an elastic band around my nuts
Reply Report

zipfel +1 points1920 days ago

I would really enjoy working there with you! But I'm 18000 km away from you! Reply Report
Au Dude

Au Dude +1 points1918 days ago

I figured, just kind of desperate right now. Like, Craigslist desperate...

As much as I want them gone, they are still my balls. I don't want just anyone to just have them, ya know?
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zipfel +2 points1917 days ago

I know it. And it would make me really horny.
But I just do not have the opportunity to come to you.
Will you send me some Pictures ?
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Au Dude

Au Dude +6 points1916 days ago

It happened. I am no long a man. I got drunk and worked up the courage to use an elastrator I'd just bought. I put 5 bands around my balls, 2 around my cock.

I came but I passed out straight after, with all 7 bands on. Had to go to the ER to get my cock and balls removed lol
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zipfel +3 points1916 days ago

You've really done it ??????????????
I'd like to see! Are you sending me pictures? Would be cool!
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eat my useless balls

eat my useless balls +1 points1916 days ago

Soooo hot, I'd love to see that too Reply Report

zipfel +2 points1915 days ago

You will loose your balls too ? Reply Report

Iain +7 points2452 days ago

Ust have been real fed up of being kicked in the nuts
Reply Report

Timeisfleting +7 points2090 days ago

The progressive liberal feminist agenda in action Reply Report
Givingin at ymail

Givingin at ymail +7 points1965 days ago

I fantasize about be castrated constantly. Tired of being constantly horny. Reply Report

dakotatheboss +1 points576 days ago

at ymail Me too i never stop thinking about it. Sometimes I think about just grabbing a knife in slicing my my nice little scrotum open and pulling those nuts out of there .Id probably wanna eat them and taste the testicular flavor in my mouth.Id eat them nice little testicles raw. Reply Report

zipfel +3 points1964 days ago

I am fascinated by the topic. I get very horny when I remember to watch at a castration or does it himself. Reply Report
givingin  ymail dot com

givingin ymail dot com +3 points1874 days ago

The idea of someone taking home my balls in a jar to have as a trophy would be hot Reply Report

tinystock +7 points1127 days ago

This should be a voluntary procedure! Reply Report

white_sissy16 +2 points651 days ago

tinystock absolutely not ! white boys should undergo involuntary castration Reply Report

Enigma +6 points2027 days ago

An equally valid question is why not.
sometimes I'm surprised it isn't more common.
If castration were a valid consequence of bad behavior, there'd be either a lot more well behaved men, or a lot more neutered ones.
It'd be up to you guy to decide which it is.
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MrG +6 points1928 days ago

I long to have this done. Thought about it for years. To have the sensation of them being pulled out through the sac, tied off then removed. Would want the ball sack to be trimmed too so there is no loose skin. Nice and tight and flat. Reply Report

Wow +1 points1927 days ago

Could use a burdizzo on one another? Reply Report

zipfel +2 points1927 days ago

Can I be with you when the time comes? Reply Report

Tamzin +6 points423 days ago

I dream of having a guy at my mercy, tied down spread eagled. I smile as I look him in the eyes before castration him. This fantasy gets me so wet Reply Report

Pedro +2 points317 days ago

the idea of being tied down naked and helpless turns me on too, makes me hard thinking of the sharp blade cutting my sac, slipping my testes out one at a time, tying the cords and cutting off my balls making me a eunuch for ever. Perhaps you could invite some friends to watch...a castration party? Reply Report
quero ser capado

quero ser capado   0 points379 days ago

esse cara pode ser eu,tenho muita vontade de ser castrado Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points405 days ago

you can do it to me.Ill let you do anything to my nuts. Reply Report

Biggogsie +5 points2147 days ago

Hello im asking if anyone knows of a person or is that very person that could perform this testicals removal surgery on ME safely under general anaesthetic Reply Report

X +9 points2142 days ago

No I can not help you.
In a more perfect world, voluntary castration would be both an option, and encouraged, IMO .
Reply Report

cutitoff +5 points1719 days ago

it let someone do that to me if they knew what they where doing Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

cutitoff ik how to do it! Reply Report

ballsandcock +5 points1072 days ago

i really want to have my balls cut off, and then my cock, anyone in LINCOLNSHIRE,UK want to do it ? Reply Report

Calibur +2 points915 days ago

I know this is about 5 months late, but I'm from the UK and I'm looking to be castrated as well. Maybe we could castrate each other? Reply Report
Just a thought

Just a thought +5 points1068 days ago

I have a thought.
What if you just had the bottom of the sac cut open enough to set your nuts free and swing in the breeze and then pull the sac up to the top of the cords and sew it shut like a gunny sac and let it heal with your nuts hanging loose outside the sac forever.
Reply Report

spike +4 points2416 days ago

my stomach hurts ... :-/ Reply Report

WTF +4 points1956 days ago

I am crazy horny all the time, how can I go about getting this done to my balls..? Reply Report

xgrimm13x +4 points1177 days ago

I volunteer my testicles for removal :) Reply Report

dakotatheboss +2 points576 days ago

xgrimm13x wanna see me dissecting my scrotum? Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

xgrimm13x id love to castrate you and eat your nuts Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

wanna see me flaying my scrotum? Reply Report

rockchick +3 points1886 days ago

this make me so wet Reply Report

Igobihim   0 points492 days ago

I have been trying to get my nuts and cock to presentable stature. I am going to have my left testicle crushed into mush and then even more to make sure it's destroyed. Would you be interested in going to a video chat with me and watch me busting my balls and shooting the was? I have been trying to get in touch with people who are interested in the same ballbusting ideas. I wouldn't mind seeing your body and stuff and I would like to get to know you so desire is there for my testicle to squish and you on video chat with you telling me about how my balls are what you want to see mangled and removed. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you got wet. I am smashing them right now! Wanna watch? Reply Report
givingin at ymail dot com

givingin at ymail dot com +5 points1871 days ago

I luv the idea of a woman taking my balls any keeping them as a trophy. Or sell them to someone for their collection. Reply Report

Whatthehell +10 points1806 days ago

It would be funny if such women existed out side your mind. If every man viewing this, added their balls to her collection, it would be rather sizable...
It could be a tourist attraction.
They could have a sign up area where visitors could voulenteer to donate their testicles...
It would be even funnier to see a bunch of men lining up to get their balls removed,
Reply Report

Pedro   0 points314 days ago

I would join the queue, balls out and ready Reply Report

phantasy   0 points1876 days ago

Are you a very sadistic lady? Reply Report
Tortureme Denmark

Tortureme Denmark +3 points1777 days ago

Is there any body out there who wants to castrate me like that, and force
Me to eat my balls after they have been removed and make a video of it and
Public it on the internet, Them contact mé on username tortureme
Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

Denmark id love to do that! Reply Report

zipfel +3 points1765 days ago

Sounds great ! I would love to do that . Reply Report

Zipfel   0 points1764 days ago

Ok Where are you?? Reply Report

pervinpanties +3 points1729 days ago

oh yes me next please. Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

i can cut ur nuts off too! Reply Report

sirropenchain +3 points1254 days ago

I would love to find someone who would castrate me and implant two 2" stainless steel ball bearings so I can remain a chastised sissy slave while on my way of the change from m to f Reply Report

zipfel +5 points1252 days ago

You wanna loose your balls ? Reply Report

sirropenchain +3 points1247 days ago

Would you like to free my man balls and implant the stainless steel ball bearings ? Message me lets talk Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

sirropenchain id love too to chop your nuts off and eat them! Reply Report

zipfel +1 points1142 days ago

Your husband should lose his balls? I would love to do that for you. Can you send me some pics? Reply Report

sirropenchain +3 points1252 days ago

Yes and have stainless steel ball bearings implanted so I can remain a chastised sissy slave, and later have the full surgery to have my own cunt so I can be nothing more than a cock holster cum dump to any cock my master would choose Reply Report

Yazmeen +3 points818 days ago

My Master wants me to be castrated so I will be having it done Reply Report

Stevr   0 points45 days ago

I signed a contract with my Master that made my cock and balls his property. He plans to take the balls, I just don't know when. Every time he ties me up it could be the day. Reply Report

white_sissy16 +1 points651 days ago

hii! are you located near fort worth?? I'd love to donate my testicles to your master too !! Reply Report

Igobihim   0 points492 days ago

I am going to have to get my nuts out of the undies cause this isn't the first few comments about how much we have been trying to reach out to the world of ballbusting. I am going to have to get my points here and bring you to the point where I can find the right point where you have the capacity to do anything with regards to castration. Mostly sexually driven by the end of my manhood which is why I want to destroy my left have a beta and I am the alpha. I don't want you to feel like you don't get anything from your Master. Give you "should do" speech. You should be wise when you get castrated by your master. Can you send your Master into any kind of sexual desire or anything else that is not going to work your way up to cutting the boys off? Cause telling your Master that you are willing to do anything else for them to get serviced and held up with adoration and an extra dose of servants tasks and several services that involved the tongue and fingers and cock. I would tell your Master to enjoy your last few moments of your lust and desires of your body and balls. I love having my balls beaten up with the intensity and objective to make me beg for removing my testicles without a doctor. I just wanted you to know that you have received the marks of a servant and the desire to be with your Master and willing to do anything with this Master is a sign of being strong enough to convey your heart and soul while serving from there. With our nuts we plead that the ideal time to take care of my balls are what I have been doing this whole time. I am going to crush my left testicle and have I need medical attention. I am going to try and set up a chatterbate account with my nuts as the attraction for the world to see. I want you to know that it is a desire for me to get closer to people who share this interests with. My balls are forever my betas but I'm open to anything that mutilates my precious manhood. Reply Report

Katie420 +3 points451 days ago

I wanna cut a guy nuts off while I rub my pussy.I wanna chop a boys cock and balls off and eat them.My pussy gets so wet when I think about it. Reply Report

leebur   0 points261 days ago

eu tenho 20 anos e ainda sou virgem, gostaria de ter uma bucata me afogando enquanto meus testículos são cortados, moro em mococa SP Brazil Reply Report

Pedro +1 points317 days ago

I'm an older guy and don't need to make sperm any more and the idea of castration turns me on so much. I would gladly let you take my balls. Reply Report
bbc sub.

bbc sub. +2 points1396 days ago

Being a sub bbc slave myself,I could understand why,I would without hesitation allow mine to be removed,along with my cock,having the full total n complete nullification done,should my blk master decide it for me ,hopefully soon he will,I know my purpose is to pleasure my blk masters thick huge cock along with servicing all his other bbc friends,a true slave don't need his genitals,my job is my masters enjoyment, I long to be a nulled it bbc slave. Reply Report

Davidwantsnonuts +2 points1346 days ago

Wish I could find someone, Male or Female to do that for Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

i can do it we can eat ur nuts if u want. Reply Report

zipfel +2 points1333 days ago

I´m looking for someone , who let me cut off his balls ! Reply Report

dakotatheboss +1 points576 days ago

zipfel you can cut my balls off Reply Report

worthlesscock +2 points1285 days ago

do his cock next Reply Report

foxhole420 +2 points1119 days ago

Anyone want to cut mine off? Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

foxhole420 id love to flay your nuts and let you flay mine Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

foxhole420 wanna see me skinning my nuts? Reply Report

Jamiewinters +2 points785 days ago

Ohhhh my I wish that was mee and I would be happy to be a sissy gurl with boobies and no balls Reply Report

dakotatheboss +1 points576 days ago

i can remove your balls Reply Report
Martin P

Martin P +2 points666 days ago

I need to donate my balls to a professional cutter. Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

P id cut them up and eat those precious little nuts.I love everything about testicles. Scrotum's are beautiful especially when they are cut open to reveal the testicles.Id love to suck on your scrotum and nibble it open with my teeth and taste the sweet nectar coming from your nuts. Reply Report

xgrimm13x +1 points460 days ago

Take mine to Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points454 days ago

xgrimm13x I would love to take your balls. Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

P you can donate them to me Reply Report

white_sissy16 +1 points651 days ago


I'd give anything to have my precious testicles removed~!
Reply Report

Katie421 +2 points449 days ago

Any boys wanna have their balls cut off by a young girl? Reply Report
nut me

nut me   0 points310 days ago

It would be so nice to find a girl my age that was also into castration. But believe it or not it's pretty hard to find a girl that wants to castrate guys. It would be so special to meet someone like that and finally decide to to have me neutered. Reply Report

Pedro +1 points317 days ago

just tell me where and when, my balls are yours for the taking Reply Report

Willingandwanting   0 points346 days ago

you can take mine if you’d like. I’m down if you are. Reply Report
quero ser capado

quero ser capado   0 points379 days ago

eu quero sentir o prazer de uma garota cortar minhas bolas...pode ser vc Katie421? Reply Report
quero ser capado

quero ser capado   0 points379 days ago

Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy   0 points427 days ago

you can cut my balls off anytime you want Reply Report
Sub husband

Sub husband +2 points66 days ago

My Femdom had me castrated. It was done under a local with many other femdoms watching. I was stripped nude, put on the table, a mirror was above so I could see it all take place. I saw my scrotum cut open and each testicle popped out into view. It was an amazing feeling as I saw the first testicle suddenly cut loose and then shown to me and the femdoms. Moments later my remaining testicle was removed, shown, and placed with the first. My scrotum was not removed and is now empty and wrinkled and shriveled. It was an unreal experience lying there nude with them all watching, and me looking up at the mirror, and them all seeing my testicles removed. Reply Report

JohBe +2 points61 days ago

My wife and I viewed this clip. We both masturbated to it. Later she told me that she wanted to castrate me. I asked her why and she said that she thought that is would show my commitment to her. I told her that if she wanted to cut my balls off I was all for it. She had a friend that works in an emergency room and says it is an easy surgery and that she would love to castrate me. My wife and I have arranged to have this nurse cut by balls off next week. Reply Report

snippedsniper   0 points17 days ago

did you end up getting castrated?! Please tell my you went through with it and don't have any testicles anymore! I'm sure your wife it ecstatic Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy +1 points490 days ago

I'm wanting to be castrated, anyone want my balls? You're welcome to them Reply Report

Willfriedur   0 points348 days ago

guy volontiers mec je les boufferai sans pitié Reply Report

Bob   0 points59 days ago

je suis prt. Je cherche quelquun Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points490 days ago

guy I would love to have your balls. Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy   0 points489 days ago

you're welcome to have them any time Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points489 days ago

guy how can I contact you so we can talk about it? Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy   0 points488 days ago

put up an e-mail address so I can get in touch Reply Report

harvey69 +1 points879 days ago

I wish a HOT hung t girl would do that to me. Old guy has no use for his balls Been tucking for years, now just cut them off.
Hopefully she would be so turned on she would force to to service her.At last she could have an orgasm.

In Boise, Id
Reply Report

white_sissy16 +1 points651 days ago

Ohhh my goddd...

Why does this make me so horny? Why do I want to be castrated so badly??
Reply Report

dakotatheboss +1 points576 days ago

who wants me to cut my scrotum open on camera? Reply Report

guillerm   0 points22 days ago

je voudrais me faire exactement la mme chose, enlever mes testicule , pourriez vous me donner des adresses , merci Reply Report

BobV   0 points582 days ago

i would love to have that done to my tiny nuts. Afters I would love to swallow them whole. mmmm Reply Report

Christian   0 points1754 days ago

Großartiges Video. Endlich mal ne realistische Darstellung.
Damit wäre vielen Männern geholfen. Ich wäre froh wenn Ich erst mal den Mut hätte so weit zu gehen.
Irgendwann kommen meine Eier auch weg.
Reply Report

BobV   0 points577 days ago

i would love to have that done to my tiny nuts. Afters I would love to swallow them whole. mmmm Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

id love for u cut my sack open and eat my nuts Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy   0 points493 days ago

I so want this to be me, I'm desperate to lose my balls Reply Report

Love2lickurclit   0 points427 days ago

guy I have a bander. :) Reply Report
UK guy

UK guy   0 points426 days ago

then you can band my balls tight and watch as they die Reply Report

dakotathebioss   0 points576 days ago

any one wanna see my flay my scrotum?
Reply Report

kaderlake2   0 points841 days ago

Gebt mir die Hoden Reply Report

pleastakemyballs   0 points738 days ago

nice videos but no blood strange don't you think Reply Report

Igobihim   0 points492 days ago

Would like to have my sac to be cut and then my nuts squished out through the slit and mangled the whole time, still attached. I want the destroyed nut meat to stay in and on me oozing out of the cut for days. I want to have my dick broke in half and banded together in half and forced to fuck the tightest pussy that I have ever had. While cumming for the last time I want the hot girl and any other girls to pulverize even the scrotum skin to a liquid that can be sloshed around when grabbing the sack, pulling up and down. I would have her cut everything off in the end and bring the piss tube to the rear and when I shit I will piss right from my butt hole. Hehe Reply Report
An danh

An danh   0 points688 days ago

Thiết cho mập Reply Report
An danh

An danh   0 points688 days ago

Thiết cho mập, ngoan, hết dâm Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

who wants to watch me mutilate my nuts? Reply Report

Testicledestroyer   0 points564 days ago

I wish I could get someone to chew my scrotum open and eat my testicles. Reply Report

Igobihim +2 points492 days ago

I wouldn't be surprised if you were going to get the boys eaten. Long drawn out breath. Mouth gaps opened ready for then scrotum. The first bite causes then testicles to roll around and in the process out of harms way. So grasping tightly against the sack and the bottom of the shaft, pull up and away from the body so the nuts are so tight I'm the stretched out scrotum. With slow tense jaw the nuts slide past the lips. Warm and hot the mouth closes until the meat is trapped between the molars and the canines dig sharply. The pressure coming out of my balls causes me to writhe. Pushing against the wall and deep indents find the right place to go through the process of getting the nut meats out. Clamping down then pulling up with all of the testicles bulk crushed and now torn in two. The bag now beginning to tear releases the jeopardized ball meats out into the open air. Drips and splatters go from the painful ravaging of the manhoods precious organs. The slightly flattened nuts come squiggling out, causing a white covered membrane to bulge. open jaws place the now exposed testicles, mishaped by chewing, down on the flat grind of the molars again. This time the next few bites came under the intention to completely ruin and destroy the manhood. With every slowly chomped testicle and without the need to the point of the testicles threshold the jaw would clench and the shoulders and back tense and the head, still attached and still chewing on the balls) thrashes back and forth and side to side. The cords and flimsy nuts ooz and swell up, the cum in the balls now puddles under the chin while then cock is next... Reply Report

Testicledestroyer   0 points491 days ago

that got me so hard.We should contact eachother and talk about testicles if your interested. Reply Report

martinmegi   0 points561 days ago

who wants my balls Reply Report

  0 points520 days ago

martinmegi I would love to have them.we can cut eachothers nuts email is in my name.Would love for this to me if your interested Reply Report
a guy

a guy   0 points558 days ago

All males should be castrated just before puberty. Reply Report

Willingandwanting +1 points345 days ago

guy are you volunteering? I’ve got a pair you can take. Reply Report

HunkHero   0 points351 days ago

guy Absolutely not. Sorry for the short response but I don’t see the point to be all man the same. Reply Report

M.T.Sax +1 points551 days ago


No. But informed, consensual, voluntary and safe castration should be an option .

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Want to be nutless

Want to be nutless   0 points534 days ago

I am in North Carolina. Anyone willing to help me and perform this on my tiny testicles? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. would love to even put them in a jar so I can look at them and remember my man hood Reply Report

TopMaster   0 points468 days ago

to be nutless I will do that for you and bring the jar along for them as well Reply Report
Severe CBT slave

Severe CBT slave   0 points527 days ago

Love it! I would get castrated like that. then my coc should be sliced on half fro top to base. Reply Report

Scrotumdestroyer   0 points521 days ago

CBT slave I would love to help you with that.You can cut my nuts to if you want.

Reply Report

womble   0 points460 days ago

wish I could have this done in Australia, or have someone use a burdizzo to crush my chords Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points500 days ago

Anyone wanna cut my nutts off? Reply Report

sub02163   0 points446 days ago

I have wanted to have this done for a while. I hope that I will find a guy soon who will make sure that I'm done. Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points445 days ago

I can cut them off. Reply Report

Dasha   0 points417 days ago

Perfect Reply Report

Testicles   0 points348 days ago

I wish I could find someone to do this to me.Ill even let you keep my nuts. Reply Report

johnnyboi   0 points355 days ago

I agree. I hope my next Master or Mistress makes me watch my masculinity taken. Reply Report

HunkHero   0 points351 days ago

It’s very fascinating if you think about it that this procedure exists long time ago, mostly when there is cancer or when a transsexual person becomes post-op but how difficult the whole view when it’s for instance a young muscled guy who was either agreed to it or been forced to go under this ‘action’. Your balls has the manliness of the male. And the idea of taking this away from someone (without medical need for it i.e. cancer ) is definitely a very dark fantasy of the Classic Hardcore BDSM. Reply Report

Willingandwanting   0 points346 days ago

I would love to have mine taken away. My sex drive is out of control. Any willing takers and they are all yours. Dead serious. Reply Report

Testicleater   0 points340 days ago

I would love to cut a guys balls off.How can I get ahold of you? Reply Report

wantthemgone   0 points311 days ago

Want to clamp my burdizzo down tight on my cords? Reply Report

nonut   0 points251 days ago

He had some really shiny testicles. They came out really clean too, not a lot of blood, just popped right out and snipped right off nice and clean Reply Report
MY femnow

MY femnow   0 points296 days ago

!? I have considered removing My Testicles for some time N0W the promos of lesser and fewer M00D SWINGS It's That I Can never 0RGASAM again I L0VE SEX The Way I Feel when I've Sucked Another ALPHAS COCK DRY !? Reply Report

leebur   0 points261 days ago

Oii, tenho 20 anos e aidna sou virgem, queria ser castrado desde pequeno tenho esse fetiche ja tentei varias vez ate ja injetei alcool nos testículo quando tinha 16 anos depois disso eles começaram a atrofia, o esquerdo ate morreu ta do tamanho de uma bolinha de gude e o direito ainda sobreviveu e ta 3x o tamanho da esquerdo, queria uma mulher pra corta eles fora ja que não serve pra nada. moro em brasil são paulo mococa Reply Report
joao de assis

joao de assis   0 points174 days ago

como faço para mim ser um voluntario para castrated Reply Report

Boboo   0 points170 days ago

I would love to have my testicles removed. I am horny all the time and jack off four or five times a day. I have tried several methods of reducing my sex drive. I have used needles on my balls. I have put up to ten needles in each testicle. I worked for a couple of days as my balls were sore and swollen. I want my scrotum sliced wide open and my testicles removed. I want the excess tissue removed so that there is no empty sack. My cock is fairly good sized (6 inches soft) and would like to have it modified by splitting my cock head and slicing open my urethra to the base of where my balls used to be. Reply Report

Testicles   0 points166 days ago

I can do it to you.How can I contact you? Reply Report

Bill!!!   0 points138 days ago

I'm looking forward to my castration. Reply Report

Mrki   0 points138 days ago

Netko da bi dao jaja izvaditi ili da zna to napraviti Reply Report

Deebee54   0 points108 days ago

I really wish someone would castrate me like this Reply Report
snipped sniper

snipped sniper   0 points77 days ago

I wonder what it's for people who are watching this video for the 1st time, and this is the 1st time they are seeing a guy getting castrated? I remember the 1st time I saw a castration video, my whole body was literally shaking, with nervousness, excitement, and wonder. I hope others can experience the same feeling, watching someone get castrated for the 1st time is an amazing feeling Reply Report

VICTORs18   0 points20 hours ago

I want my balls removed Reply Report
Why do it?

Why do it? -1 points2416 days ago

Many possible reasons:
1. Testicular cancer
2. Vasectomy - better and cheaper for him rather than for her
3. Fed up with getting kicked in the nuts too many times
4. Lost a bet...
5. Etc.
Reply Report

pleastakemyballs -1 points738 days ago

nice videos but no blood strange don't you think Reply Report

CapturedHero   0 points351 days ago

That’s a good point. The procedure should be very visibly bloody. I suspect this video been made with someone who just recently died and offered his body for educational use. Reply Report

dakotatheboss   0 points576 days ago

wanna se a young guy flay his nuts? Reply Report

adx -1 points677 days ago

wtffffff these people are mad Reply Report


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