Rough Gang Rape In Shitty Garage

Girl gets attacked by local gang members and become their victim for some brutal fun.

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justanothergirl +170 points2101 days ago

i hope this ain't real cuz if it is i feel so wrong masturbating twice for this... the guys faces are cencored so maybe it's real... don't see any other reason to do that. :( if it's real then it's really sick... i get turned on by gang rape fantasies but i'd never want that REALLY happen... it's okay if everybody is agreeing and it's a play.... Reply Report

GanjaQu33n   0 points102 days ago

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HyruleWhore -1 points659 days ago

its obviously not true, there are some true rape videos around here and they dont bother censoring the rapists' faces. So don't feel bad it's just some good ol' gang rape fantasy video.
Everyone's agreeing bc it's on their contract,l since they're actors. I guess the censoring on their face is just to help guys to identify as the members of the gang, that's it.
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Imshoked   0 points27 days ago

someone peed in her mouth , so i dont think its just a fantasy Reply Report

FAKE +138 points2237 days ago


... +89 points2196 days ago

I feel really bad for jerking to this to be honest... Reply Report

Hey -7 points85 days ago

Don't she probably deserved it that's what she's made for . They are taking what's theirs Reply Report

hi +17 points2166 days ago

Same Reply Report
Confused as shit

Confused as shit +67 points2197 days ago

Ok so the probable idea is that it's fake...but i really don't know about know that feeling you get when something doesn't add up and it feels wrong...yea this video is a bit too real for me, I don't want a fake ass scene, but something about this video gives me the chills. Reply Report
wtf emmy

wtf emmy +64 points2201 days ago

if this isnt real give that girl an oscar Reply Report

Dieckhied +3 points359 days ago

emmy she will get her oscar 9 months later. Reply Report

Ihatethatihavetogiveaname   0 points429 days ago

EZD-297 Mami Uehara, Reona Kanzaki, Rara Satsuki in Working Woman Hunted 10 thats the movie with its fake ;) where is that oscar lol
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Yup +11 points1307 days ago

For real Reply Report

Yngvi +49 points2180 days ago

Man I hope she got a huge paycheck because this is fucking rough Reply Report

Jeez +31 points2022 days ago

I hope to God this is fake Reply Report
non - member

non - member +22 points2206 days ago

This is real....their faces r blured.....i hope they got caught...i hope she ok... her body looked lifeless half way through, i doubt she agreed to way Reply Report
Nota member

Nota member -7 points2015 days ago

If this were real, I think her face would be blurred, not the rapists.
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S&M Lover

S&M Lover +28 points2008 days ago

Hey, why would they blur out the victims face? They would be worried about evidence against them not her Reply Report

Yooo +22 points2194 days ago

Dude if this fake imma be pretty impresd this som legit ass actin dayum nd if its rel imma feel kinda bad fr spewin ma load all ovr myself to tis tbh Reply Report

Madafaker +18 points1755 days ago

EZD-297 Mami Uehara, Reona Kanzaki, Rara Satsuki in Working Woman Hunted 10 Reply Report

1989girl +2 points1619 days ago

Ohhh so it is fake Good , cuz I'm jealous she got way I wanted :( Reply Report

Fake +17 points2202 days ago

It's real but I jurked off to it Reply Report

blake3b +16 points2168 days ago

Me too it's so damn hot man Reply Report

1time +15 points2233 days ago

Is she still alive?? Reply Report

exotic_inbed +14 points2008 days ago

wtf ?? this is a total turn on for me if it's fake ..
but if it's real i'll say "nah uh" ..
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ko +12 points2101 days ago

japan star always use condom ... trust me it real.. it crime Reply Report

tsunami8 +11 points1763 days ago

1. If she's been beat up for hours, then how is it her fake eyelashes stayed on all that time? (You see them coming off a bit at one point).
2.Two times in the video, you can see her smiling. One where she's standing, and one where she's lying on the ground getting peed on. She even laughs at one point
3. All LEGAL porn in Japan is censored.
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Idontthinkso +11 points1484 days ago

Its not fake. And she oeznt smile or laugh.
She cries. She likes. She gags. She claws the ground and she struggles.
She's not acting.
I saw another video like this and it was also real and several of the men in the video we're arrested.
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URstoopid +13 points1541 days ago

1) clearly you've never worn fake eyelashes before. Noob!
2) ever heard of a grimace? And if you think she's smiling cuz she's actually acting you either need your eyesight or your IQ tested.
3) So you're saying gangrape is legal? You think someone has to be a pro to add some pixelation to a video? Baaaka!
GTFO tards - peace.
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stoopidUR +1 points1461 days ago

Gangrape is illegal, but staged, consented gangrape is completely legal. The only people who know if this is staged or not are the ones acting in it and the ones distributing it. Reply Report

ko +9 points2101 days ago

if you see at women hand is injured .. this video is real.. she also cry.. Reply Report

Jimmy +8 points2237 days ago

look at how small their dicks are ahahahaha Reply Report

pandorapestulence +7 points1051 days ago

Loved the filthy garage, bet she didn't expect to be treated like that, in the gang bang porn she dolled up for... Made me ache, drip, writhe, and cum! I would sooo love to see more videos like this one!!! Reply Report

rapekittenOG +3 points501 days ago

pandorapestulence I have found more with the same girl and same people. She gets even dirtier and messed up Reply Report

anonymus +6 points2235 days ago

The bandits, castrate them is not enough Reply Report

bfbangbang +6 points1996 days ago

I would liked to seen the first part when they started with her. , the first part how it started ! Reply Report

Shar +6 points1802 days ago

I figure this is probably fake. But, still one of my favorites. Reply Report

ummm.... +5 points2190 days ago

that or she's been raped and knows how to act because of it. Reply Report

popokakapipishire +5 points2202 days ago

Awesome Reply Report

Unknowntoyou +5 points1164 days ago

This is fake guys. She's acting but she's not acting she agreed for the video but due to the roughness and fatigue she probably didn't have to act like a rape victim. She probably just had to keep getting fucked. In Japan it's a law to censer private areas. Witch is done here. If this was real why would they follow the law? Why would they blur every penis. If this was here why would they have a long video full of evidence? They don't need to blur they're faces if it was real. The victim could of just pointed them out. It's a porn video that's all calm down criminals are smarter then this Reply Report

hotntasty69 +4 points2202 days ago

so wrong.
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RapeMyANAL_HOLE +4 points1493 days ago

I'm a woman who finds it so fucking sick and hot! Wish they raped her up the arse too, and pissed in her ass and eyes and mouth... I want to organise it to myself! :D Reply Report

bethel666 +4 points1580 days ago

So hot
She's living my fantasy
I love Asian men
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AnonymousBigDick +4 points984 days ago

I dont care how nasty or horrible it was, i came and felt like a fucking god Reply Report

sickbitch +3 points2096 days ago

ive been raped but never gang raped i can't wait i pray it happens to me tho Reply Report

armik +1 points1794 days ago

wish i be one of they who gang rape you Reply Report

cuntuserxxx   0 points1887 days ago

it can be arranged Reply Report
Wanna be a rape pig

Wanna be a rape pig +3 points1907 days ago

I want to be a rape victim like her a tool for men to fuck and abuse me hurt me and treat me like the filthy cunt I am this video makes my pussy drench Reply Report

vemonika -5 points1678 days ago

sounds like you already are the pig
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Loves2RAPE +3 points1779 days ago

Raping bitches is the best. Nothing better in the WHOLE WORLD Reply Report

lol +3 points1593 days ago

anyone who says this is real is a retard who probably shouldn't be on in the first place.
this is a clip from 'working women hunting 10' from prestige series. enter that in bing and watch the videos or see the cover pic.
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Name please of actress or video?

Name please of actress or video? +3 points1139 days ago

So does anyone know the name of the actress or the actual name of the video? I swear this is the same girl in several videos I've seen around.. Search 'Teen girl crying while having sex' on xvideos. That's the same girl. Reply Report

ko +2 points2101 days ago

this video is real.. this women cry .. please check why at japan rape crime low.. victim always not report for rape crime.. Reply Report

1989girl +2 points1619 days ago

Wtf???????!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!Want this to happen to me so bad!!! During my ovulation week ;) Reply Report
College buy

College buy +2 points1489 days ago

Nothing better then group fucking the fresh teen girls at college every year. Reply Report
Another Viewpoint

Another Viewpoint +2 points951 days ago

Would love to rape a guy like this.... it's hot. Reply Report

terezza +2 points1434 days ago

love it Reply Report

SmartCookie +2 points1360 days ago

Actually, I've seen a very similar one where the girl's being raped by tentacles. To be honest, this is a clip from a porn movie. Japanese women are very good actors in pornographic movies unlike American. If a girl is letting a fake tentacle rape her, then Japanese actors are aloud to go over the extreme to make a clip like this. Reply Report

Bigbigcherry +2 points1245 days ago

I've cum so much to this, I have a fantasy of being fucked like this. Reply Report
Smiling Deviant

Smiling Deviant +2 points1049 days ago

This is so twisted but what's even more twisted is how This is My 20th time to be back here! mmmm....... Reply Report

wftdidijustsee +2 points43 days ago

Whether she signed the contract or not, she was raped. No woman can act like that, scratch the floor with her nails, bleed from the elbow, and repeatedly make herself fall on the floor because of her lifeless body. Prove: humans have basic instincts and dropping on the floor without even trying to land safely proves that it is not rehearsed and, hence, a rape. And if someone thinks that it’s not a rape because she might have signed the contract is a moron, who doesn’t know the reality that women can easily be forced, raped and shamed into signing. Reply Report
Reality Speaking

Reality Speaking +1 points910 days ago

These Jap's have such Tiny Dicks, it's a wonder if she even felt them doing anything other than pissing on her head. Reply Report

Creep +1 points2202 days ago

This is arousing.... Reply Report

blake3b +2 points2168 days ago

It really is Reply Report

MR.RIGHT +1 points1485 days ago

So true Is sad and pathetic and very much disturbing at that. Is true what you said children's are not fantasy this is too much handle. These men's are fucked up sick. I'm glad you reported them. Reply Report
el non membero

el non membero +1 points2190 days ago

gimme a G! gimme a H! gimme a B! whats that spell?
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Alex +1 points2154 days ago

Its Insane i dont understand how can some people like this insane vedio Reply Report

Wow +1 points2153 days ago

Great acting. Reply Report
Law enforcer

Law enforcer +1 points1979 days ago

Your evil bastard we know who u r your day is coming japan first target to destroy evil Reply Report

freedomofspeech +1 points1492 days ago

The question is: If this is real, why would the rapists upload it to a pornsite afterwards and risk getting caught? If Japanese police is just halfway decent, the will be looking for the girls attackers, and to find this video would probably be either lead or evidence in a further trial. I sincerely hope its fake.. Reply Report

Xxxxxxxx +1 points1564 days ago

People are dumb to say this isn't real. If it were fake she would be more glamorized and less dirty, there would be more fake moans and over exaggerated screaming. Y'all are fucked up... Reply Report

vinter +9 points1562 days ago

It's from Working Woman Hunted 10, as someone pointed out above. Reply Report

Djkouddc +1 points88 days ago

All those "men" are faggots and pussies hope they all get tortured Reply Report

lol +1 points1593 days ago

lol someone even posted it below Reply Report

ReallyGuys? +1 points1286 days ago

Of course it's fake you morons Reply Report

fuckmethatwasgood +1 points1459 days ago

It's fake it's from working women hunting 10 Reply Report

you\'rewelcomey\'all +1 points1295 days ago

I like to think of it as the popular girl getting raped by the kids she bullied.. but still.Felt bad watching this. Reply Report

bear123shan +1 points1347 days ago

it's fake, it is just another example of japan being too good at making fantasy rape videos. Title: EZD-297 Working Woman Hunted 10 Reply Report

bear123shan +1 points1347 days ago

nevermind. I thought this was fake, but now I did some research and realized some JAV videos have had producers do real rapes and then force the girls to sign contracts afterwards and release the rape as a fantasy rape. I then read that there was a police bust on this in one company (idk which, hopefully this one) where the whole team got arrested. Regardless, despite being censored and having release posters if you do some research, it could very well be real.

My bad for arguing it to be fake. I guess I just wanted it to be fake
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Teambigcock +1 points1214 days ago

This seems a bit too real for my liking... Reply Report

cuntsareinferiortomen +1 points1173 days ago

This is the Yukari gang. They advertise for very poor women to do porn, get them to sign releases, and then do whatever they want to the cunts- rape them half to death. Enjoy! It's real
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someguy455 +1 points912 days ago

you guys are fucking retarded. It's fake you faggots. google 'Working Women Hunting 10'. news flash: sometimes porn is actually decently acted. Fucking white knight faggots acting like you even care if it's real or not, why are you watching this in the first place. you get off on it then start preaching lol hypocrites Reply Report

ShinVN +1 points773 days ago

I know this is sick but I wanna be fucked like this
Reply Report
Daddy\'s victim

Daddy\'s victim +1 points509 days ago

All women should be used like this at least once a month after starting their periods for a year. Then once a year to keep them properly trained to take their husband's cock and keep them in line. I know my place is filled with his cum and at his feet humiliated. Reply Report
por el culo annelle

por el culo annelle +1 points616 days ago

no rape if it has no anal, I will rape Annelle in her tight ass, will cum inside here multiple times Reply Report

maike +1 points568 days ago

I'll kill them. I wish for the judgment of God! Reply Report

Yeet +1 points434 days ago

Is this real? Reply Report
God you guys are dumb

God you guys are dumb +1 points414 days ago

That was definitely real. Reply Report

Nobodyshere +1 points355 days ago

I'm the one who think "the poor girl... That's a little too much.."? Reply Report

Deer +1 points320 days ago

Not cool.... Reply Report

Gypsysuck +1 points301 days ago

This gets my pussy soaked. Totally squirted to this. I would love to have my holes subjected to this. Sign me up. Reply Report

Elmander   0 points299 days ago

I’m in Reply Report

S31N +1 points184 days ago

This is sick! Please take the video down. Reply Report

Tdd +1 points114 days ago

Sickening! Anyone who gets off on this should be shot dead. Reply Report

disgustedwithmyself +1 points82 days ago

i'm disgusted that i came to this i feel so sorry for this poor woman :( i am so sorry this is fucked up Reply Report

Cumguzzler   0 points1110 days ago

Where can I find more videos like this Reply Report

alien   0 points2235 days ago

Schneiden Sie die Eier
Cut off the the eggs
Reply Report

wtfdotcom   0 points2234 days ago

She qualify hand up for Facial abuse studio, may be she will make more money there than in Japan? Reply Report

vyr   0 points2202 days ago

Idiot s them dauther bi same like this girl. Reply Report
Sweet Pussy

Sweet Pussy   0 points1846 days ago

I hope this was fake. Having said that, they should've been hitting her all over. Slapping her belly, tits, back. Definitely not enough as far as beating the hell out of her goes. Make her hurt all over for days after! I need guys to play with me like this. I want to see how many guys can fill my ass & pussy up with cum in 24 hours. The more the better. 20, 50, 100 men just cumming inside me one right after the other. Reply Report
Sweet Pussy becomes a Cum Dump

Sweet Pussy becomes a Cum Dump +10 points1843 days ago

It all depends on if it is simply in your mind, or something that rattles your mind and overwhelms you with lust. If you truly mean what you wrote, and you are actually seeking to be used in such ways, I would take you to a dark wonderland. You would not escape a "beating the hell out of" treatment, as you put it. And, you would lose count of the cocks penetrating your holes. Of course, since this would be real, and not imagined, all would be confirmed disease free. Aside from this, you would be treated as a fuck rag, nothing more. If you haven't run away yet at the thought of of this becoming a reality than we can talk, and you may yet feel what it is truly like to be a cum hole. Reply Report

Daddyrapeme +1 points276 days ago

Pussy becomes a Cum Dump Oh my god yes please this sounds perfect Reply Report

Wildgrizzly93   0 points233 days ago

I’d love to do this to you! Rough you up and leave you oozing my seed! Reply Report

lol   0 points1705 days ago

Maybe japs should move to better resolution cameras? :p Reply Report

sadvideo   0 points1605 days ago

This is real, they are Japanese, and she's drugged--could be a prostitute, there's no telling. She stutters out 'yamete' several times, she is begging them to stop. Its required to pixellate any pornography in Japan real or not, but the fact that they did their faces almost guarantees this is real. Reply Report

Anon   0 points1592 days ago

Yes, cause criminals really care about japanese censorship laws Reply Report

iamresonance   0 points1605 days ago

I don't know if this is real or not....Even if she may be a porn star, one shouldn't lose there fucking mind and treat someone like this... Reply Report

baroness   0 points488 days ago

as a woman I feel bad for liking this... but I so do! It really floats my boat... I like Asian guys being rough, so... Reply Report
Peeper 10

Peeper 10   0 points1458 days ago

How the hell did she not pass out? Reply Report

fuckedupshitman   0 points1427 days ago

this shit makes me wanna stick to hentai for the rest of my life... Reply Report
Charlie Daves

Charlie Daves   0 points1286 days ago

Hannahhard, i'd do you all day! Reply Report
little nigger boy

little nigger boy   0 points1335 days ago

I'm a nigger boy Reply Report
Marisa fontes

Marisa fontes   0 points1290 days ago

eu adoro essas cenas, queria muito encontrar aqui quem quisesse praticar!! Reply Report

Dissatisfied   0 points1254 days ago

Pixels Reply Report
your dad

your dad   0 points1190 days ago

These types of porns should be legally banned rape is illegal and leads to capital punishment Reply Report

Ilikepeanutbutter   0 points1172 days ago

Cums in her and drops her like a boss LOL
Reply Report

giber   0 points1143 days ago

Fun video Reply Report

Wewe   0 points1049 days ago

Dafuq did I just watch? O.o Reply Report

Boopityboopboopers   0 points1043 days ago

Hey, I don't think this is real I am 95% sure it isn't. I'm sure this isn't what she had in mind, but if you go to you can find this video, along with several others where the girls and guys are dressed the same. They have multiple "rape" videos on the site all available to buy. So I doubt this is real. Reply Report
An attractive 26 year-old American girl

An attractive 26 year-old American girl   0 points990 days ago

I simply void my mind of the fact that it's wrong and get off, hardcore. #idgaf #ftw Reply Report

Harem   0 points714 days ago

What are the names of the men?
Those who are wearing gray rubber shoes and black rubber shoes?
Reply Report

Harem   0 points714 days ago

I bet the two men are real hunks and a real cutie

Those wearing gray and black rubber shoes.. Theyre so sexy...I wanna suck their cock and let it explode in my face
Reply Report

Randomoo   0 points904 days ago

Is there an uncensored version of this anywhere? Reply Report
Princess ;)

Princess ;)   0 points879 days ago

This is obviously real... but yet i find it so hot, i cant stop masturbating and cumming to this Reply Report
dr dickhead

dr dickhead   0 points852 days ago

rape or not you all decided to watch this and wanted to get off so stop complaining about if it is real or not. who cares. Reply Report

BBC4u   0 points848 days ago

Hannahhard.... I'll help out. I want to cum inn as your holes Reply Report

Katya   0 points821 days ago

I'm very pleased to say, having looked up the names of the women supposedly involved in this video that they are actually porn stars. Thank God. It's still uncomfortable viewing as I think it still dances the line between porn and rape, however she is actually a porn star and has done other stuff since. Phew! Reply Report

Otto76   0 points807 days ago

I fucking hate porn with pixel-dicks! Reply Report

(W)hole   0 points731 days ago

Hope it will happen to me, I men to use me and treat me like the whore I am. Piss on me and make me feel like less than shit. Objectify me. Make me real. Tear me apart. Desintegrate me. I must be sick haha Reply Report
Passing by

Passing by   0 points342 days ago

Not real I've seen her play lots of roles. Reply Report
Dick gobbler

Dick gobbler   0 points694 days ago

Wow this was a good one i must admit Reply Report

Tmn   0 points693 days ago

How do you know thesewomen arent beeing really raped
Reply Report

Uuuu   0 points681 days ago

Ghffft Reply Report

PUNISHER555   0 points635 days ago


Armadillo   0 points634 days ago

It is fake it is from working women haunted 10 Reply Report

Aglusic23isaslut   0 points611 days ago

I love being raped Reply Report

Bapeyoubitch   0 points531 days ago

Fapped like fifteen times to this video, seemed so real! Thank you for uploading this! Where can I find more videos like this?
Reply Report
People person

People person   0 points546 days ago

Fuck, this shit looks real but I hope it’s staged Reply Report

Horridhenry   0 points566 days ago

Oh my god. These are some real vives givin videos. I guess they r best suitable to only extreme people Reply Report

Daddy210j   0 points532 days ago

Hannahhard I am willing Reply Report

Daddy210j   0 points532 days ago

Fuck that was hot Reply Report

Ab7   0 points471 days ago

Hay tanto espacio en la cárcel ... Menudos enfermos Reply Report

RapeLovinBitch   0 points386 days ago

I loved the roughness of this video just not how dirty it was the entire time I just wanted to clean so if anyone can give me a video just like this but not as dirty it would be appreciated Reply Report

Hornyslut4you   0 points308 days ago

Hmmmm yes please Reply Report

alis56   0 points44 days ago

My wife was taken to a similar place in Birmingham Uk by a gang of Pakistani Muslim men and youths 30+ strong where they gang fucked her in the filth and amongst various litter and car parts. Because I had insulted Mahmood our neighbour, they triple analled her spat spunked and pissed on her, what scared me was that she enjoyed it and went back again and again! Reply Report

SubSammy63   0 points27 days ago

I want this to happen to me so bad ! Reply Report

Nicoleevans   0 points26 days ago

That is sexy. Reply Report
AZ Ali

AZ Ali   0 points14 days ago

Been raped several times but I’m the girl that needs it, wants it, craves it. I’ll go years bring the girl that says no, but then I’ll dress like a whore, pretend to get drunk, and put myself in “bad situations” on purpose to get what I need. I wish I could get gang raped. Best I’ve gotten was 2 at once. I’ve never reported them, as I know this is how it’s suppose to be. My husband knows and encourages me to continue my ways Reply Report

Qratz -1 points808 days ago

I'd love to fuck her farty ass! Reply Report
Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy -1 points1502 days ago

Mami Uehara, Reona Kanzaki, Rara Satsuki EZD-297 Reply Report

wiserge -1 points2192 days ago

lucky cunt Reply Report
masturbation material

masturbation material -1 points1956 days ago

love this vid one off the very few brutal but real rape videos so good to cum over i would do exactly the same to her but creampie her Reply Report

searching4Tripper -1 points2040 days ago

Fake but hot Reply Report

scrotus_scaberous -1 points1428 days ago

Are people fucking retarded? There is a reason her cunt is censored and thats because it is FAKE. All legal porn from Japan is censored. If it was real, why censor it? Use your fucking brains. Reply Report

REPORT THIS -1 points1366 days ago

Seriously, there's no fucking way this isn't real. Is there no fucking way to report a video on this site? Because this needs to be taken down immediately, this poor girl has been humiliated enough without the need to be humiliated more by having this posted on the internet. Mods, if you see this, delete this video, ban the uploader's account, and contact the police please. This is fucking disgusting Reply Report

Malibog -1 points1183 days ago

I watched this twice and other then being exhausted and a few bruises and scuffed up a bit they really didn't do anything to hurt her. Certainly not with their little jap cocks. She was mostly just fucked out. I did enjoy watching it and like how they pee on her at the end. Reply Report
Dam I nut to this

Dam I nut to this -1 points1185 days ago

Fuck I feel bad that I fap it's rape I can tell ;0 because she wasn't enjoying it not even a moan but shit I couldn't help but to masterbate I know it's wrong Reply Report
This is real

This is real -1 points872 days ago

This is too hard. Please kill these guys. You really have to feal bad if you like to watch this. I know that there are a lot of people out there who have sick fetishes, but please don't ever pay money for something like that if it's real and please don't do that to anyone out there, nobody deserves that. Reply Report

Nicoleevans   0 points26 days ago

is real I don't feel bad Reply Report
pussy boy

pussy boy -1 points622 days ago

I am a bi guy and been used like this many times, luv it when I get fucked, and filled with cum and piss in every hole and wake up in some dirty toilets Reply Report

vinxtremis -1 points451 days ago

this is how real men fuck Reply Report

Ham   0 points27 days ago

this is how loser Fuck because no one have interest in them so they have to be a group just to Fuck someone in the street. Reply Report

Majeed -1 points353 days ago

well if a girl refuses to respect men this is the way to treat her!!! Reply Report
slut\'s lover

slut\'s lover -1 points319 days ago

She is slut , a ,, she slept with her own cousin and sucked his dick ,,n , then fucked with many guys when moved to other city , and lover of big cocks , she is a sult and deserve it , and then she fucked with a black guyShe herslf know she is a slut and whoever wants fucks her Reply Report

Erica -1 points51 days ago

I wanna be gang raped by many men. So hot. As a women this is my ultimate fantasy. Reply Report

thomas -2 points2145 days ago

pragtiikhebgenootten Reply Report

bill -2 points1978 days ago

fake but really roughed her up probably paid her two thousand Reply Report

Declineofearth -2 points1856 days ago

Idiots all of ya. First off she isnt even japanese and neither is the guys, you can see that in their colour and build. Second off the movie IS pixellated japanese or not. Third off some things can't be faked and this is one of them. That girl is 100% unwilling but you can see she's been there for a while (closed wounds, dirt, the dirt on her clothes) either way you can see she's been there for at least a day (unless you're stupid as well as blind) and just because she's too exhausted/groggy/drugged/beaten to make a big show of her unwillingness does not mean that it isn't rape. Let there be no mistake or even wonder about this; there is no way in hell that girl is willing. If you are unable to comprehend this, dont make a comment cause clearly you have no idea what you are talking about - and I do. That video is not fake. That girl is pushed to the edge of madness and she's been fucked, beaten, been sick for hours upon hours. THAT cannot be faked. I hope this is fake, but I know it isn't. I sincerely hope that girl on the video is alive today even if her sex drive will forever be gone. Oh and don't be naive enough to think that just because its a real rape that they wouldn't put it up online. After all the destructive powers and the powers of stupidity are indeed great in humans. Reply Report

lj   0 points856 days ago

Omg Im so shocked....IF shes alive and knows about this video,I want to say huni.. We are all with you and support you.....what spineless ugly wan-a-be gang members......thank god for the race of small dicks! I pray she was "out of it" so she doesnt have to remember that depravity.....when there in jail for some other bull shit, they are gonna be the corridors "bitch" look at them.....BITCHES.....
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Jessica.   0 points1652 days ago

Her hand was fumbling in the box like she was looking for a weapon. She had proper lacerations. And her face was "lights on no one home" I believe this is a real rape. (I like the fantasy vids where you can tell it's fake but they have done it well) this is horrifying.

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+5 points1811 days ago

she's speaking japanese lol Reply Report

Chris2031 -2 points1114 days ago

I'd love to cut these mother fuckers throats one by one as the others pissed themselves watching. Reply Report

Isabella -2 points1161 days ago

this shit is real... i bet they are all sick and had a really awful parents to have that sick way of treating women. one thing is fantasy and another is to cross the line. Reply Report

Jgoukuj -2 points1008 days ago

Your all a bunch of sick fucks sad bastards aren you wanking off to this fucking idiots riesly sick and sad this is . Reply Report

Drmsturnreal -2 points128 days ago

Beautiful Reply Report

Dede -3 points1988 days ago

Whoa dude Reply Report

Blech -3 points1696 days ago

I hope this isn't real, hot or not. Reply Report

Mory -3 points1282 days ago

Disgusting. Anyone watching this and enjoying it should be ashamed. Reply Report

Bapeyoubitch -3 points531 days ago

Fapped like fifteen time to this video, seemed so real, thank you for uploading this! Where can I find more videos like this? Reply Report
A girl

A girl -4 points1869 days ago

This is really disturbing, ive noticed the scars on her arm too. But i hope they r make up Reply Report

wtf? -4 points1930 days ago

I can't believe I watched this. This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. Real or fake, this is absolutely an abomination. Anyone who is turned on by this needs serious psychiatric help. I am so shocked. Reply Report

assmaniandevil   0 points702 days ago

? So why did you watch it you daft cunt Reply Report

Disturbed -5 points1903 days ago

Please don't let this be real! This was not what I was looking for and most of these comments are disturbing. I was looking for some bondage not this! This made me sick Reply Report

goepikur -3 points1899 days ago

Believe me. This is as real as Santa. See my comment above. Reply Report

Kwon -5 points1522 days ago

Okay, you people seem to forget that ALL women DESERVE to be raped. Not only do they seek attention afterwards, like they're "victims" of something they craved to begin with, but religious texts all over the world encourage it. Reply Report
Drink bleach

Drink bleach +15 points1505 days ago

Do the world a favor and kill yourselves please, thanks. Reply Report

THANK YOU -5 points1522 days ago

How does no one understand it???? Fucking cunts want it Reply Report

sf   0 points1372 days ago

We don't "want" it, that's why we scream and fight it, but we know at heart that we "need" it. Trouble is, we shove this to the back of our minds, and feminists make themselves miserable (and make everyone else miserable) by denying it. Reply Report

Japorn -6 points2228 days ago

ninja Reply Report

Omg -6 points1913 days ago

That is terrible. Reply Report

sexmachine -7 points2235 days ago

looool and stupid Reply Report

Gross -8 points1983 days ago

This is sick who would ledgablly agree to this... Reply Report

Uh -2 points1974 days ago

Anyone notice the bruises on her arms? Reply Report

goepikur -10 points1899 days ago

Funny to read all those comments of people who think this is real. Yes this is fake. I witnessed a gang rape in real life and believe me... This is not what happens. Reply Report

Goddess +3 points1661 days ago

You expect all rapes to be the same?? That's DUMB! Reply Report

Nice -12 points2172 days ago

How amazing would that be if it was real!!! Now that's how u treat a girl too Reply Report

roughrider +43 points2156 days ago

I'm a chick who has fantasies about gangrape but this is not how you treat a real girl .... Reply Report

blake3b -22 points2168 days ago

You said it man Reply Report

FAKE -20 points2237 days ago

fake as fuck...raped ..pfft set up porn Reply Report

ABC +33 points2237 days ago

well no shit do you think somebody is going to legit rape and post it on the internet? "OH HERE I JUST COMMITED A HUGE CRIME LET ME PUT MY FACE ON THE INTERNET FOR PROOF" Reply Report

bigfarter -27 points2229 days ago

Why is my comment not accepted? Reply Report

bigfarter -31 points2229 days ago

Came twice watching this fantastic rape scene! would have spat or farted in her face at the end however! Reply Report


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