Babe's Brutal Rape By Two Guys

Rape video featuring a yummy babe who teased a little too much while on vacation. When she was alone, two guys enter the house and brutally rape her in the kitchen - they then carry her in the bedroom, handcuff her, and then carry on forcefully fucking her pussy.

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fuckmehardbaby +87 points2142 days ago

That guy's voice is soo damn annoying Reply Report

Ben +54 points2192 days ago

Guy was trying way too hard to be brutal Reply Report

nerdk +30 points2190 days ago

Coked out of their minds LOL Second guy takes his shirt off and it's like damn daddy!
PROS- cute girl, cute guys, leather belt bondage, "I just want that pussy" (love that nitty gritty honesty)
CONS- incomplete, Cookie Monster voiced threats
Reply Report

sexmetalbarbie +25 points1430 days ago

I need to be raped like this in my ass.... so bad..... Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +18 points1216 days ago

Hell yeah this is the way I wanna spend my vacation trips :-) Reply Report

Mistress_tay +16 points2140 days ago

I love watching stupid little girls get what they deserve Reply Report

violateme +13 points2133 days ago

Oh hell yes! Reply Report

kimmi559 +13 points2116 days ago

Your favorites just made my life like1000 times better Reply Report

Lucifer +8 points2133 days ago

Violateme I love your favorites choices! Reply Report

geordieKT +12 points1860 days ago

wow I got sooo turned on by this!! Want this doing to me sooo badly but been told that my pussy is way too tight to fit two,cocks like that deep up me, so I need to be pinned down and have them forced deep up me!!! Mmmm Reply Report

DarkFistLord +3 points431 days ago

I'll double fist you in order to open you up. Reply Report

DarkFistLord +1 points431 days ago

I'll double fist you in order to open you up. Reply Report

Heyyyy   0 points96 days ago

I love being fisted but I've never been double fisted Reply Report

angelique21 +11 points1916 days ago

I need this NOW Reply Report

kelli +11 points1437 days ago

I want this done to me so bad! I always think about someone raping me I love to me chocked and forced to suck dick. I need someone Reply Report

FantasyGirl +9 points1552 days ago

Is it so bad to want to watch realistic rape fantasy porn! I have yet to find one that turns me on and seems genuine. Grrrr Reply Report

AnalPainGiver +9 points1501 days ago

I really want to fuck a stupid slut like this, give her what she deserves. Damn hot. Reply Report
Anal pain slut

Anal pain slut +1 points831 days ago

I need to be used like this video except all anal abuse.
Reply Report

Analpaingiver   0 points776 days ago

pain slut. That can be arranged slut. Just let me know how to contact you. Reply Report

angelique21 +8 points1501 days ago

Oh My God....I Love To Get Used Like This....Exactly Like I Love To Be Fucked.....Lucky Tanner Reply Report

secretlari +8 points1248 days ago

Rape me please... Reply Report

scotdufc1 +1 points278 days ago

I will happily rape u Reply Report

shy_slut +6 points1697 days ago

I wish someone would rape the fuck out of me... I'm so horny! Reply Report

Candicane +1 points1488 days ago

I'll fuvk you just like that stupid cunt Reply Report

Cday +2 points1688 days ago

I'll do it Reply Report

rapebait +6 points1350 days ago

This always makes my cunt so wet. Please rape my holes like this. Reply Report

rapemygfqc +5 points1194 days ago

someone from quebec want rape my GF whit me ? pm me ! Reply Report

Lightdfdd -2 points336 days ago

rapemygfqc Reply Report
the truth

the truth +5 points1032 days ago

What is this Bullshit! They are using plastic cuffs, and these two guys would clearly rather be fucking each other then fucking her. Reply Report

RapeMe +5 points250 days ago

I just love when self righteous fucktards get on these videos and comment, OMG rape is not ok, how can u watch this I’m reporting it blah blah blah. Bitch it’s in the title you chose to watch it so shit the fuck up Reply Report

axel +4 points1562 days ago

I love this shit Reply Report

Sexslavegirl +4 points1130 days ago

Need this done to me , wanna be kidnapped and raped n forced into a sex slave mmmmm Reply Report

AnalPainGiver +3 points1084 days ago

Just let me know when and where slut. Reply Report
Chester the Molester

Chester the Molester +4 points814 days ago

There shouldn’t be no law against raping woman. They all fantasize about being raped anyway. Reply Report
random stranger

random stranger +1 points48 days ago

the Molester yes there should be no law against raping women that 18 ir older as long as there is cards from both parties ensuring there is nothing like herpees, i mean thats the reasons wombs are made on women Reply Report
random comment

random comment +1 points114 days ago

the Molester i agree women do wish to get roughly raped and filled with cum sometimes Reply Report
alberto dinucci

alberto dinucci   0 points426 days ago

the Molester vero Reply Report

Squirting850 +4 points471 days ago

I want to have my tight pussy raped like that. I would be squirting everywhere. I wanna be choked and brutally fucked like noone ever seen
Reply Report

doobie3 +1 points375 days ago

Ill rape you so hard, and im gonna put my cum in you Reply Report
random commentcoment

random commentcoment   0 points114 days ago

i want you to rape my womb hard and fill it with as much cum as you want Reply Report
random commentcoment

random commentcoment   0 points114 days ago

i want you to rape my womb hard and fill it with as much cum as you want Reply Report

LeMenotte +3 points2175 days ago

Really Great - i Love it !!! Reply Report
Non Member

Non Member +3 points1978 days ago

I loved the start of the video where you can see him and his big balls penetrate her deep Reply Report
sunu mice

sunu mice +3 points1943 days ago

Very nuce Reply Report

SecretFeline +3 points1642 days ago

I just want to fuck the big guy until he cries. Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +3 points1160 days ago

Message me about how you'd rape me in detail please Reply Report

FuckMe2Death +3 points410 days ago

I want to be raped by multiple men. Fuck my black pussy and ass. Make me the whore slave I deserve to be. Who's in NC that can cum in all my holes? Reply Report

336   0 points226 days ago

how do I reach u Reply Report

336   0 points242 days ago

I'm in north Carolina ill rape all ur holes Reply Report
(Snap chat) Hollylolli93

(Snap chat) Hollylolli93 +3 points465 days ago

I was raped in a home break in last year and never told anyone how much I loved it Reply Report

usemeproperly +3 points1001 days ago

mmm, i like it a lot rougher than that Reply Report

edy +3 points577 days ago

I,m happy to see that...Girls deserves this tratament, girls are good to fuck, satisfying us Reply Report

Goddamnit +3 points461 days ago

This is so fucking fake. Here’s a tip, if there’s a blowjob it’s most likely fake. If she survives, it’s most likely fake. I can’t cum to this weak bullshit. Reply Report

Virginwhore   0 points123 days ago

Exactly! Once the blowjob starts it takes me out of the whole thing Reply Report
Croatian Daddy Dom

Croatian Daddy Dom +3 points194 days ago

that's soft compared to what me and my friends do to nasty little sluts... :) Reply Report

dadyzgirl +2 points2187 days ago

wish i could be hate fucked
but i would want it much much harder
Reply Report

fantasyman -3 points2051 days ago

see no rape its women fantasy the hard and more violent the better lol screams omg makes a man cum hard Reply Report

ladygagagoddessoflove +2 points2154 days ago

Nice Reply Report

rapeme! +2 points2024 days ago

Omg someone to this to me!
Reply Report

littlejenni +2 points2093 days ago

Please please please rape me like this!! Reply Report

bbwgiannam +3 points2046 days ago

where are you and Ill cm on over girly :) Reply Report

fantasyman +7 points2051 days ago

I think you be better for gang rape walk threw a mall packing lot at closing and get kidnapper and ganged rape we love it oh make if Friday night so we can take turns all weekend long
Reply Report
random stranger

random stranger   0 points48 days ago

fantasyman sounds nice every man raping my womb having a chance stealing my virginity against my will forcedully, as each of them have a go at raping me they can sprey as much semen as they like into me and rape me as long and as much as they would want Reply Report
random comment

random comment   0 points114 days ago

fantasyman id love that, and to let them cum in my womb if they want while they rape me sounds nice Reply Report
random comment

random comment   0 points114 days ago

fantasyman that sounds nice with them all filling her womb up deep with semen so she will defenetly be feeling them the next day Reply Report

Lilslut18 -2 points327 days ago

fantasyman I’d love if you and a few guys did that to me... Reply Report

Sexytime +2 points1744 days ago

Somebody needs to punish me good! Reply Report

fkj +2 points1713 days ago

i wish they would do this to me

Reply Report

Wanttoscream +2 points1235 days ago

Oh man I wish I could get fucked like this Reply Report

Cocker +2 points1555 days ago

I love these an ff vids Reply Report
Sarah Hemmings

Sarah Hemmings +2 points1423 days ago

Id love this to happen to me, any guys wanna explain what theyd do to me? Reply Report
Tom n Jerry

Tom n Jerry   0 points651 days ago

Hemmings I will tie u up and drop chocolate all over your body... then... start eating ;) Reply Report
The punisher

The punisher +2 points1133 days ago

what a pair of pussies she's struggling all that time trying to hit them and neither one of them has the balls to sock her in the mouth. Took seven minutes for them to get to fucking out of had that bitch bound in three at most choking on my partner's dick while I rammed mine into her tight twat Reply Report

ashley12   0 points305 days ago

punisher please please please to the same to me Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon +2 points1064 days ago

I always preferred solo when I raped some cunt so I wouldn't have to share with anyone Reply Report

pogonophile138 +2 points848 days ago

The tattooed black haired kid does it better Reply Report

Slut_bag +2 points544 days ago

Wish someone would do this to me might start walking around in short skirts without panties bent over infront of everyone Reply Report
The Master

The Master +2 points308 days ago

laughable Reply Report

:)) +2 points234 days ago

this is so hot id do anything to be fucked like that Reply Report

Fuckdaddy +1 points2116 days ago

Reply Report

popeye +1 points2083 days ago

I want sloppy seconds Reply Report

Tj +1 points1671 days ago

Fuck her harder Reply Report

Fuckmebitch +1 points945 days ago

Love rape Reply Report

Bigassbabe +1 points420 days ago

I wanna be raped so bad by huge cocks in all my holes Reply Report

+1 points1013 days ago

dudes fucking annoying af. Reply Report

Lovehandsomemendoingstraightthings +1 points978 days ago

Nothing hotter than handsome men fucking women's pussy like savage animals Reply Report

sluttoabuse +1 points879 days ago

I love how she is struggling. The man is overacting his brutality, but I still would love to be raped by him. Both of them. Struggling as she does, suffering as she does. Reply Report

picudo +1 points766 days ago

como fácil essa buceta belo vídeo. Reply Report

Mzladi845 +1 points572 days ago

I would love to be raped Reply Report

Oofdaddyfuckme +1 points524 days ago

Okay so the first guy is trying too hard but I like the white guy with all the tatts he doesn't say anything Reply Report

muhamad +1 points450 days ago

Only Black men know how to rape Reply Report
Deflower Man

Deflower Man +1 points255 days ago

Asi deberian hacerle a todas las putas prepotentes. Reply Report

((: +1 points234 days ago

someone in PA, USA wanna do this to me? Reply Report

the_serial_rapist +1 points226 days ago

If you need this fantasy to become reality, check my profile. Reply Report

Starving +1 points213 days ago

I’ve always wanted to be kidnapped and raped... Reply Report

BEGONETHOT +1 points201 days ago

Heh, it's what that little bitch deserves. what a fucking slut. Reply Report

Drmsturnreal +1 points138 days ago

I dream of my violent necessary rape. I dream of being cut all over. Face especially. Leave me in the woods and use me over n over. Reply Report

Drmsturnreal +1 points138 days ago

bring true friends to rape me and laugh at me. Branding " whore" into my chest and laugh at my pain. Reply Report

Frunt +1 points50 days ago

Seems like a struggle for all of them. Reply Report

Uuuuuu   0 points1092 days ago

Jjj Reply Report

xtreme   0 points2193 days ago

gorgeous feet Reply Report

Meh   0 points2193 days ago

Tanner mayes is soo fuckin sexy Reply Report

Comet12   0 points404 days ago

Talk about bad acting. Main guy needs to stop doin his Batman impression Reply Report

sylar2013   0 points2164 days ago

Is there a part 2 lol Reply Report

david21   0 points966 days ago

Is this real? just got tor. and never seen any fighting Reply Report

ahh   0 points2144 days ago

who is this girl? or has she done others!?!?!?!?!?!? Reply Report

docofbball19 -1 points1865 days ago

The girls name is Tanner Mayes. Reply Report
tanner myers

tanner myers   0 points1766 days ago

this girls name is tanner myers Reply Report
Evolve her

Evolve her   0 points2108 days ago

What is the name of the scene ? Can't find this anywhere Reply Report

LOL   0 points1907 days ago

that other guy looked like fuckin smeagol up there on the table
Reply Report
Non Members

Non Members   0 points2041 days ago

Wow from 0 to 6 secs all I loved seeing was that cock! Reply Report

Andréia   0 points737 days ago

Como que uma mulher aguenta uns cavalo desse rebentando a buceta dela PQP. Se eu fosse uma mulher dessa eu acho q desmaiava na cena Reply Report

Blankspace   0 points1658 days ago

Anyone here from singapore wants to get the same treatment? Reply Report
from singapore

from singapore   0 points1649 days ago

yes Reply Report

Realcollegebaberape1619   0 points842 days ago

Someone please rape me like this!!! Reply Report

MorrisTheCat   0 points1460 days ago

anyone know ware i can five the full video at Reply Report

Dooby   0 points1431 days ago

Is there any more to this video? If so where is it? I want it Reply Report

Sym   0 points1286 days ago

Oh it's brutal alright. Brutally hilarious. Reply Report
Rape vids?

Rape vids?   0 points1196 days ago

Where can you find real rape vids Reply Report

Krupal   0 points1173 days ago

Non member Reply Report
Her Brother

Her Brother   0 points1161 days ago

They should have done her mother to Reply Report

wth   0 points1160 days ago

Um Reply Report

sluttoabuse   0 points1148 days ago

I want to be raped like this. Even though he is overacting a little, it's so fucking hot. I need them. Reply Report

SwaggyP   0 points1039 days ago

Dude sounds like the rock lols Reply Report

Lisy   0 points970 days ago

Soo ignorat Reply Report

ihatemyself   0 points964 days ago

why he so angry Reply Report

Niggerloverxxx   0 points962 days ago

I love that actor. He's amazing xD

What's his name?
Reply Report

hornybbbbb   0 points934 days ago

lol Reply Report

Hayzz   0 points890 days ago

I need second guys # asap ;) too bad they dont tell you the names so you can look up their other videos because this ended just as it got good... Reply Report

Chkemeplze   0 points632 days ago

I was trying to watch it but I'm having load issues ugh... This looks good though. Reply Report

picudo   0 points766 days ago

comeu fácil a buceta bom vídeo. Reply Report

picudo   0 points766 days ago

como fácil essa buceta belo vídeo. Reply Report

picudo   0 points765 days ago

It's really good to have a pussy like that. Reply Report

creamylilteen   0 points680 days ago

That's so hot, message me if you'd do this to me Reply Report

claudiasmithok   0 points677 days ago

Rape Me ! Reply Report
Daddy\'s Horny Baby

Daddy\'s Horny Baby   0 points665 days ago

I'm horny asf Reply Report

Heavyb123   0 points665 days ago

I know an aunt that loves being fucked rough Reply Report

SubmissiveSlut413   0 points616 days ago

I'm so horny, I desperately need a dick brutally forced down my throat Reply Report

Hornygirl18   0 points618 days ago

I want this to happen to me Reply Report
Boo boo

Boo boo   0 points503 days ago

Girl was tight Reply Report

lolislut   0 points567 days ago

God, I want to be raped like this, but no one on here ever wants a loli... Reply Report

Pansar   0 points397 days ago

Reply Report

Tnthardcore   0 points547 days ago

Wanttoplaywithme andmy wirelessp Reply Report

  0 points482 days ago

I've been raped, it's not like that. Reply Report

loki19975373773   0 points457 days ago

i can't watch me Reply Report
Rape Lover

Rape Lover   0 points354 days ago

The actors are very good i like it i love it he says "SUCH MY COCK !!!!" Reply Report

xoo   0 points320 days ago

The girl was eventually stripped - correct procedure; though her shoes were left on; just acceptable because they were pretty and sexy. The fucking was very good - but too little sperm. Bare tits should ALWAYS be slapped. Reply Report

Cali7072382525   0 points344 days ago

I want to be raped on camera if u are in my area Reply Report

the_serial_rapist   0 points226 days ago

in Cali? Reply Report

the_serial_rapist   0 points226 days ago

in Cali? Reply Report

remyhoebitch   0 points294 days ago

Someone rape me. Reply Report

336   0 points241 days ago

remyhoebitch I want to make that happen Reply Report

SomeGirl   0 points156 days ago

I hate that girls whiney ass voice though Reply Report

xoo   0 points288 days ago

A good effort and though a girl should be stripped naked before use, the sexy shoes left on was ok. Reply Report

  0 points267 days ago

Hot Reply Report

Chloie   0 points267 days ago

My phone number is 478-832-9532 and I want to be raped so call baby Reply Report
Really are you kidding me!

Really are you kidding me!   0 points29 days ago

are sick get help!!!!!hloie Reply Report

xoo   0 points277 days ago

Reasonable use made of the girl, the sexy shoes allowable but nothing else. We should have seen her mouth filled with semen at the end. Reply Report

Abigael   0 points21 days ago

Oh I want so bad. Reply Report
Slut Veronica

Slut Veronica   0 points260 days ago

What whores need for teasing men Reply Report

Disgusted   0 points29 days ago

Why do you assholes bother with this shit!!! Enough!!! Reply Report

xoo   0 points211 days ago

Eventually, the girl was properly naked - with acceptably sexy shoes - used well, though her mouth should have been filled with sperm; and why were her tits not slapped? What did they think they're for? Reply Report

dring   0 points202 days ago

Good to one of the boys eventually doing the proper thing by stripping off her remaining clothes; leaving on her sexy shoes was ok. The importance of a girl's nakedness is not only for visual pleasure, but to make easy access to all parts of her body for any use her masters wish. Reply Report

Jenfantasy123   0 points181 days ago

I wanna be fucked by a fit guy Reply Report

Truestories   0 points158 days ago

Girl 13 here i have been raped alot and want more. (859)495-2947 text me if you want to have me. Reply Report

MsDoll   0 points100 days ago

------ I was forceably raped at 13. It was years before I'd let another man have sex with me. Reply Report

MsDoll   0 points100 days ago

I was raped when I was only 13. It took years before I'd let any one but my future husband fuck me. Now I will take two or more men taking turns to make up for all the times I missed. But sometimes I still think of being raped. Reply Report

yesdaddy   0 points90 days ago

i want this to happen to me and i’m so horny right now someone text me Reply Report

Nähte-E(naughty-E)   0 points49 days ago

Honestly Some of the best acting I’ve seen. This guy needs a lifetime achievement award for being the most Chad from the land of Chad... Reply Report

  0 points27 days ago

Tell this druggy to stop yelling- liked the video but he’s deadass annoying as hell Reply Report

Emily   0 points13 hours ago

I need someone that can really terrify me when he’s raping me. The more scared I am the more horny lol. Reply Report

HARD 8 -1 points2190 days ago

REAL Man let their fist do the talking Reply Report
Hit me

Hit me   0 points1348 days ago

I want someone to fuck me like this and beat me while they do it till km black and blue Reply Report

s&m -1 points1963 days ago

Too bad you can't rape the willing, I guess it'll never happen to me... but someone could sure try ;) Reply Report

raes -1 points427 days ago

how good it is to see women raped I love rape unfortunately it is difficult to do it too dangerous but I admire men who have the courage to do it Reply Report

Unknown -1 points168 days ago

Anyone have a link to some good kid stuff Reply Report

Dcuppin3 -2 points1379 days ago

Reply Report

alexandria76 -4 points2190 days ago

I would like to break her arm and then rape her for real
Reply Report

sxc_kitten -4 points2188 days ago

HAHAHAHA funniest porno I've seen. Reply Report

Dee -4 points1832 days ago

I hate floppy balls. Imagine how this guy'll look when he's old. Yuck. Reply Report

Anon -5 points2193 days ago

Reply Report
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler -5 points2176 days ago

Even if it is fake, that first gay was pretty damn funny Reply Report

joey -5 points2115 days ago

fake but she is a sexy bitch i like watch this all time Reply Report
I wanna fap

I wanna fap -5 points1580 days ago

How does a girl fucking masturbate Reply Report
John MX ajá

John MX ajá -5 points1427 days ago

que buen harcode 10 (Y) chido cabron zukulentoso 7u7 papi si Reply Report

fuckme -6 points1929 days ago

The bad vids are in English and the good ones aren't. So when it looks really to can't understand the girls which is what really gets me off. theres no winning. Reply Report

Ler   0 points1840 days ago

No, you got it wrong there. The absolute best comes out of PKF Studios (in Oregon, USA), Brazil, and Italy. If you are still messing around with that Russian garbage, it's time to expand your horizons. Reply Report
girl always fucking or masturbating

girl always fucking or masturbating -7 points2193 days ago

I've seen many fake "rapes", but this one is the worst Reply Report

293728K -9 points1030 days ago

This is fucking disgusting, this woman is being trafficed, anyone who watches this is contributing to the demand, I have sent a link to the police to follow this up. It is ABUSE! Reply Report

weak -13 points2077 days ago

Boring, guys are annoying, girl is ugly & not even enjoying it. *yawn* next. Reply Report

ok +2 points1921 days ago

im dead shes literally getting raped i don't think she should be enjoying it? Reply Report

allison -17 points1508 days ago

wtf this is awful its rape? I'm reporting this how can any of you enjoy this? watching a girl in pain? you are some sad motherfucker. To all those people who enjoy this I hope one day your sister gets raped or your mom Reply Report

Woof. +2 points783 days ago

this is a fake rape, it was acted entirely. Reply Report

bob -26 points2187 days ago

How can any one do this u batstards Reply Report

BUTCHER -26 points2193 days ago

I want SHOOT this 2BASTERTS!! Reply Report

Horny4ker +15 points2190 days ago

It's fake u asshole
Reply Report


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